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Game Trade Thursday

Comment with a list of games your want and/or a list of games you would be open to trade away and add in your location like City/State so anyone interested in a local swap can do that. If you're interested in starting a trade, either reply or DM to figure out the details. Make sure to update the comment after the deal is done.

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7 months ago

I'm from the UK, but I only recently really started using this site much and this is the first I've heard of an organised game trade forum here.

7 months ago

Hello! I only started using the site a couple of months ago myself, but just wondered if it was worth making any posts (I haven't before) as most people on here seem to be from the US which is great, but would making trading difficult :D I think it's is just a weekly post they put up rather than an overly organised forum.

7 months ago

It sounds like it might be worth a try, then. It could even draw more UK visitors to using the site.

Certainly, I discovered it existed months ago and pottered around a bit on it taking a look here and there before actually using it for much (which I only started doing this week, really).

7 months ago

Correct, it's just a weekly post

7 months ago

I just thought I'd ask if there is anyone else on hear form the UK? And as such is it worth me ever posting on this?