Can You Win the House Cup? – Settler of the Boards


Help your students level up their skills and earn points to win the House Cup! A great simple worker placement game.

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2 months ago

Thanks, I like your clear PRO and CONS praragraphs; when I skim an article before reading, they get my full attention right away :)


2 months ago

Thanks! Glad to hear it :)

2 months ago

Looks pretty! What is the mechanic for actually completing challenges/lessons? Do you just have to meet the requirements or is there another element of chance/challenge to it?

2 months ago

Yes, so there are just requirements like being a certain level in potions and charms, for example. Some challenges also have additional costs like knowledge or magic tokens. If you have the requirements you can complete them in the challenge phase. You can do 2 of the simple ones or 1 hard and 1 simple.

Supporter2 months ago

Looks great!

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