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It's been forever since I've posted, but I wanted to share that we're working with North Star Games for a giveaway! By entering, you'll have a chance to win a free pledge for the Deluxe Edition of Paint the Roses.

What's your interest level on this game? Are there any other Kickstarters you've been eyeing on?Thanks for checking it out!

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Supporter52 days ago

Well I've never even heard of it till this moment... so I'd say it's low.  Knowing nothing about the game and just based on theme though I don't think it would be in my wheelhouse.  Good luck to all entering!

Premium User52 days ago

Awesome! I don't tend to play many cooperative games, but a co-op deduction game seems more up my alley. I'll have to show this to my wife and see what she thinks of it. The production on this game looks very nice as well, especially those deluxe acrylic tiles!

Owner52 days ago

Hope you're doing well! And it would be similar for me and my wife too. Cooperative board games are fun but we rarely dive into them again and again. A co-op deduction sounds interesting though, and would bring out my wife's weirdly almost psychic kind of instincts haha

Some day, I hope there will be a sweet looking Beauty and the Beast adaptation (it's one of my wife's favorites when it comes to Disney) :)

Premium User52 days ago

I'm doing well, thanks! I hope things are well in the Ryuh household as well!

Beauty and the Beast could be interesting! If it was the Disney-fied version, I could see that also being a co-op game where you are playing as the dishes or something trying to help the people? Or maybe a competitive game where one player plays as Beast and the other player plays as Gaston and you're both trying to woo Belle lol

Owner51 days ago

Playing from the perspective of the dishes/servants could be fun! And while the replay value seemed lacking for #The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game, I still found it an awesome adaptation that was a real trip down the memory lane. I think my wife would really enjoy that kind of co-op experience for Beauty and the Beast where you have to play chapter by chapter checking off objectives that walk you through major plot points :D

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