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What makes you pull the metaphorical trigger on a wishlist game?

I know we had the thread yesterday about researching your games to add to your wishlist, but what pushed you over the edge? What makes you say "yes...yes I am going to buy this game right here and right now"?


I have had multiple things push me over the edge. Here are some:

1. Won a BGA giveaway (duh)

2. Had a rough couple of weeks and need a pick me up lol

3. Had a friend or my wife say "I really want to play this game"!

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4 months ago

1)Price of the game is always a big factor.

2)If it's close to Christmas or my Birthday. 

3) After playing the game for the first time and enjoying it.

Premium User4 months ago

considering I put them on my wishlist in the first place, instead of just buying them, it would take a lot.

  1. Excellent sale price
  2. If it would make a great gift someone
  3. whenever I purge a few games, I tend to take a look at my wishlist

4 months ago

Purgin games does help give me the green light lol. 

4 months ago

Three words:  Historic Low Price

That's the self-imposed regulator that keeps me from buying new games every day.

4 months ago

I feel that. I am tempted everytime I get that notification a game on my wishlist hit a historical low...

4 months ago

1. Dude giveaways FOR SURE.


3. even bigger sale on offerup 

4 months ago

Lol ya man, you are all about the offerup and facebook marketplace deal. 

4 months ago

dude i really am... I just got #King of Tokyo because it was $5 and it came with a $15-20 expansion... ill def be using it as a trade lol

4 months ago

Ok that is a good deal. Also don't underestimate King of Tokyo as a family game or game to play with non-gamers!

4 months ago

Oh for sure! See I think it's an alright game, however it's in a weird grey area for me that makes it a game I know I won't play often. I've noticed that it takes a particular type of group to have a really fun game. It seems like everyone there needs to be really high energy to get the full experience

4 months ago

Are you calling me low Energy?!?!?

4 months ago

Yeah I could see that. If you're all sitting quietly it's not the same.

4 months ago

Lol, but you love dice!! What would you try to trade for?

4 months ago

Honestly anything that is on my wishlist! Haha 

I love dice but not super into KoT... it's fun, but not really my type of game...

4 months ago

Got it, just using the game as a trading pawn. 

4 months ago

EXACTLY. So hopefully my $5 nets me a $35-45 game in a trade! Haha 

4 months ago

Thaaaattttssss very ambitious lol. 

Owner4 months ago

This would be my order:

1. #3 for sure. I'd buy it immediately even if it's a little more expensive than usual.

2. Massive deals - I can usually resist them, but if it's hitting 30-40% sale?? That's going to be really hard to refuse...

3. Family games - When I see the perfect family game for our game nights with my wife and my parents, then I'll gladly go for it soon after doing some research.

You know, your #3 makes me wonder how many of us would gladly spend extra $20-40 if it meant getting a game that our spouse or friend is dying to play (despite being a bad deal)

4 months ago

I think I probably would...I would spend more than I would like to admit if it guaranteed more games get to the table!

Premium User4 months ago

Typically for me a game will catch my eye in a store, on a site, discussion with friends, youtube video etc.  I'll usually look it up a bit and if it looks good I put it on my list.

Now how do things go from there to buying? 

Well it depends.  I budget myself to a certain amount of "fun money" a month to keep things responsible. Frankly, it is sort of fulfilling to save up for something and then get it rather than just slap it on the credit card all the time too.

If it's inexpensive I usually try to leave it on my list which I share with my wife who shares it with the kids and extended family.  If I'm in the mood or see it for a good price in a store or by owner I might just grab it.

For more expensive games I'll save up to get them but I usually try to wait to see if I can get it at a great price somewhere rather than just buying it at full price right away. Usually.

Finally, I love to do trades with people so I keep an eye online and if someone has a game on my wishlist up for sale I'll see if I can trade some games instead.  Usually a win win!

If it's more expensive I will usually wait for it to go on sale somewhere or see it for sale at a reasonable price in craiglist or facebook marketplace.

Supporter4 months ago

Right now I only really have 1 (kind of 2).

As a lot of people know my goal was to only purchase one game this year (which I did less than 30 days into 2020, and I won't even get the game until 2021 haha).

So the only way I'm picking anything up is through a BGA Giveaway (which I was fortunate enough to do with Pax Pamir).  There is a small chance I'd get another game if it were for my entire family (but that will likely be some kind of family Christmas present).

Otherwise my Wishlist is gonna stay full and probably have some games drop off.

Premium User4 months ago

Ha...definitely, no luck yet. Generally in watching a playthrough on Heavycardboard on YouTube I see the whole game played out and if it resonates with me it goes on my list. It gets a bump if it looks like my family could play it and another bump up if it has a good solo version.

4 months ago

Heavycardboard has for sure been my number 1 source of "I will buy this" or "I will never buy this"...

4 months ago

oo #3 is a big one for me. If I have a mild interest in a game, and a friend or especially if my wife expresses interest in it, that game will shoot way up the list and probably right into cart, lol

4 months ago

I would say that is the most common and immediate example for me too lol. Instant buy!

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