What did you play this week?

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Supporter17 months ago

We put in a first play on Great Western Trail. It was LONG. We got faster as the game went on and we got a tempo. It was a full four player game. The game is pretty impressive. We had a couple different strategies going. Scores ranged from 60-110 so a big range. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the game or not after playing it. I need to put another couple of plays on it to be sure. It is a good game though. Maybe just a little too long.

Supporter17 months ago

I got a couple of game days in this week so got to play quite a few games:

Scythe and Century were repeat plays. 

Every time I play Scythe I appreciate the game more.  It's definitely always in the running for my favourite game. 

Century: Spice Road is a game that fits perfectly in the time it takes.  I haven't played it enough to give definitive thoughts on it.  Generally speaking though I think it's a fine game and a good game for the time it takes.

Ethnos was fun and relatively quick.   I would call it a push your luck game combined with an area control game.  Much like Century Spice Road I think it works well with the play time.  I enjoyed it but I think if it was longer it might get frustrating due to the luck involved.

Tiny Towns was an interesting one!  Unfortunately we had to cut the play short which is a shame because I think the real game will start in the last half when you start running out of space.  I would definitely want another game of this.

Trains is deck builder with a map which we've seen before.  However, I really like the level of complexity it is at.  Where I found something like Tyrants of the Underdark to be fun but long I feel that Trains is easy to teach and a reasonable length.  (Ok, it's not THAT short but it's definitely not a slog either.)  I'd definitely consider adding this to my collection.

Towers of Arkhanos is the newest one of the bunch.  (One of the guys I play with does a lot of kickstarting.)  I'm a bit mixed on this one.  Building the towers is a cool visual and spatial element that is different from anything else I have played.   However, I found the game itself to be ok.  Being first in a round made a huge difference as certain squares were much better than others and certain dice would be good with the rest being merely ok.   I didn't find the game bad, just ok.  It was fast and didn't overstay its welcome either.


Supporter17 months ago

I had a blast playing more games than usual this past week.

17 months ago

Burgle Bros.

In this game, you are going to play one of the would-be burglars. Actually, you’re going to choose several characters out of 9. Each of these characters has special powers that help you get through the main mission more efficiently.

The game is very entertaining because of the plot, the illustrations, and the overall idea.

Supporter17 months ago

I've been seeing that game a few times. What are some of the main mechanics of the game that you like? Is it mostly plot and theme that carries the game or would it hold on the mechanics alone?

16 months ago

A lot of strategy and tricks. A lot of content (huge replayability due to different production, different scenarios, different characters, different arrangement of rooms on the floors) and a very difficult passage!