Aeon's End: Legacy - First Impressions

Hey all! Last week on the 17th, I was able to purchase #Aeon's End: Legacy to support the NAACP and the current anti-racism movement. Extremely grateful to BGA for doing this. 

I wanted to share with you all our first experience with the game and (spoiler) our excitement for it! We had borrowed #Aeon's End: War Eternal from a friend to see if it was something worth jumping into and the experience was glowing for sure! So we took the dive. 

(I will try to be as vague as possible for all who are looking into this!)

In the legacy version of this game, everything is very preset at least for the first scenario. You start out as two breach mages that are basically total noobs that are thrust into a potential world ending scenario and it is your job to take care of the smaller minions while the professional breach mages take care of the big bad Nemesis. It really is a neat way to start the campaign, learn the game and ease your way into handling the big situations you will find yourself in. 

Mechanically, the game functions like all other Aeon's End titles where you have a set deck of low powered cards and a market of more powerful cards to purchase and build up your deck. The catch with this system is that you never shuffle your deck, you basically flip your discard to the other side of your playermat to create your new draw deck! You have a lot of control over what cards come out and when if you plan well and keep track of what is in your deck. I love this as it mitigates some of the randomness that Deck Builders can sometimes have. The fun comes from the legacy deck and the "insight" content, basically allowing you to level up your characters and you can even morph and shift the card market as you play the game more! 

I have a lot of great things to say about our play through last night. We both had a blast, we were beaming after we achieved victory in our first scenario and had a lot of fun deciding our upgrades, NAMING our upgrades and our characters that we will grow with and level up. 

The only negatives I have so far is that there are a fairly small amount of scenarios to play through so I am not sure how much longevity we will have here, and the organization of the cards is a little tedious, but they set you up well for success with dividers provided and foam inserts to help the cards stay standing and in place (those foam blocks are life savers...)

All in all, extremely pleased with the purchase. I feel like I found the sweet spot for gaming with my wife. She had a blast, loved the story and the videogame feel of the game, and I loved all of that too plus the strategic nature of the game!

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Premium User13 months ago

That's awesome that you guys are enjoying it so much! How do you feel about the legacy aspect of it?

13 months ago

I personally really enjoyed it so far. Fun story, and it has a bit of a video game vibe since you get to upgrade your characters abilities and such!

Owner13 months ago

Awesome!! Love hearing that it went super well. So when's the next session going to be? I remember when I first introduced #Viticulture: Essential Edition to my wife, we probably squeezed in 4-5 plays in two weeks, way more frequent than today. She's cooled off on it now and seems like her new favorites are #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated and #Concordia). We played the first scenario of Jaws of the Lion last night but it wasn't a "love at first sight" kind of experience for her for a couple of reasons. Will have to see how the future sessions go.

Anyway, I watched couple of videos on #Aeon's End last night and I'm still very interested, especially with the unique flip over your discard pile mechanic. Will have to see if I end up going with this or the Legacy version.

13 months ago

Did you mean you played the first scenario for Clank last night?

The next session probably wont be until Sunday at the earliest. We just have a lot happening until then!

Owner13 months ago

Oops, forgot to mention which game haha. Edited now. We played the first scenario of #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Good experience nonetheless but it didn't really grab her. I'm curious how she'll feel about it as the scenarios get tougher and more interesting.

Gotcha, have fun! So good to hear that you guys had a blast and found the right match :)

13 months ago

Ahhh got it. I feel like with Jaws of the Lion they will slowly incorporate some new and exciting content the more you play. Once you get through the intro scenarios it may ramp up? What did she find not as intriguing about it?

Ya man I am pumped! I was telling her I was looking in the wrong direction for a while with games that I thought she would like! I definitely hit with things like Quacks and Karuba, but I realized she likes having a shared experience rather than getting mad at me for winning lol. 

Owner13 months ago

I think so too, so I'll be asking my wife to try out at least up to scenario #6 after getting past the "tutorials". It's hard to say exactly what she didn't love about it, but she did make two passing remarks that I thought was interesting!

1. When choosing the two ability cards for the turn and choosing either the top or bottom ability, I don't think she found the decision making to be that engrossing. Since the starting hand of cards for scenario #1 is quite basic, I think they might have come off as too "samey". In contrast, for something like #Concordia, it's easy to see her delightfully taking her time to make her decisions. So it's likely a case of the first scenario being more of an intro and us needing more challenge and potential for strategy making (by the way, I threw in two more monsters than I was supposed to just to make it more interesting).

2. She commented on the upkeep for keeping track of damage to the monsters as well as the upkeep for moving the monsters and making them attack. This was really interesting to me because first, I always manage everything lol, so it was strange to hear her comment on that (she also thought it's funny for her to be saying that). Plus, the amount of upkeep really isn't bad, but then none of the other games we've played in the past have required this type of upkeep, so maybe that's why? Either way, it's interesting because #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated features tons of upkeep that makes me feel like I'm juggling throughout the game, but she never commented on that haha (and I still really like this game too).

When I finally started figuring out my wife's preferences, it was so much easier to decide which games I should buy. Very happy for you! :D

13 months ago

Those are two very interesting comments. The first one I think can be remedied by just progressing more and getting more interesting attacks and combos. The second one is odd and it is funny she acknowledged that too lol. Is it the little health tokens she has issue with? Line of sight? I am curious on this one because they seem fairly simple especially in the first scenario!

Ya man! I am pumped! Especially since Jaws of the Lion AND Too Many Bones fall into her preferences...

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