Who's your favorite content creator? (YouTube Channel, Blogger, Podcaster, Social Media poster...)


I think my two favorite ways to enjoy board game content is the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast. Matt and Quinns are both great writers and I think that quality shines through the podcast medium more than videos. I think Take Your Chits is my favorite YouTube channel in the space since I'm not really the type to watch How to Play videos or long form reviews. His skits and rants are just great entertainment as a board gamer in general.

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16 months ago

I don't have one anymore for boardgames. It has been interesting seeing the NLSS play Sheriff of Nottingham and Four Souls though.

16 months ago

Shut Up and Sit down are great. I don't watch many board game shows but Funhaus's "Board as Hell" series is pretty entertaining to go through.

16 months ago

Heavy Cardboard; without a doubt. I really enjoy the live-streams they do. The teaches are usually top notch, and it’s a great way to supplement reading the rules. 

I’m currently watching a play through of The Gallerist in pieces - I watch a bit here and there while holding one of our sleeping children ha!