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Out of Print or Rare Board Game Giveaways (11/23)


Throughout this month,  and I are putting all of our efforts toward combining Board Game Prices with Board Game Atlas! For those who aren't aware, we launched BGA in 2019 and acquired BGP in late 2019. We've mostly left BGP alone as is, except for patching up bugs every now and then. Now we're finally making the move to combine the two and provide a better community and more reliable data for both websites.

To promote this "launching event," we've been giving away more than $5000 worth of board games until the end of 2020 and here's Round 2: Out of Print/Rare Games.

  • Prize: 1 Copy of #Obsession
  • Number of winners: 3
  • Starts: Monday, November 23
  • Ends: Sunday, November 29
You will get +1 entry every time you complete any of these actions to contribute to our community:
  • Make a post on our forum or write an article
  • Comment or reply on posts/articles
  • Add/edit info on a game page
Each contribution is 1 additional entry and there's no limit to your contributions.
As you can see, Round 2 of giveaways will each last a week and I will reveal the prize one by one.
With that said, I have several questions!
  • What's your interest level in Obsession? Does the choice of prize seem fitting to the spirit of the "out of print/rare" giveaways?
  • What's your favorite worker placement game?
  • What are some other rare (but not completely out of print) games that I should consider for the upcoming giveaways? I ask because while I'll still have giveaways for games like #Glory To Rome and others in the future, there aren't many copies available and since I want to provide 3 winners for each of these giveaways, I'm considering grouping up several games into one giveaway (and the winners could choose in order). Also, many of these out of print games are outside of the typical preferences of our users and I wanted to give away games that people would get to the table often.

I will announce the results of the Inis giveaway later in the day!

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Partner2 months ago

Here's an image from a play with the first edition. Like spending an afternoon at Downton Abbey!

2 months ago

Yeah I don't really like euro since most of them feel like a mashup of mechanic that doesn't make much sense thematically, but Obsession is one of the few case where you can really feel the theme in it. Now my favorite worker placement game is #Bus, quite expensive without not much component, but I'd rather play that then medium-heavy point salad euro where I barely understand what I was doing.

On the out of copies, may be some splotter would be great? Or maybe a copy of Forbidden star or Chaos in the old worlds would surely attract tons of visitor lol. Me personally would love a chance to get my hand on Tigris & Eupharate


Owner59 days ago

I'm excited to try out #Obsession once our office copy arrives! I placed in an order for #Glory To Rome so far. I'll probably get a copy of #Forbidden Stars and will have to think about the other ones.

By the way, when you want to link to one of our game pages, you can type "#" and then start typing in the game title. You'll see a dropdown come up with a list of game page suggestions. Select one and that's it.

Great to have you here!

59 days ago

That hash tag worked great! Thanks for the tip

2 months ago

My favorite is A Feast for Odin, but I don't own a copy and my friend that has it is moving cities! Might have to bite the bullet and buy it!

Thank you for the giveaways!

2 months ago

I'm a big fan of Dominant Species!

54 days ago

+1 for Dominant Species.... despite its length, an evergreen here, a game we always eventually return to, even with a crowd who are all always wanting to get the latest thing to the table. Before I discovered I loved 18XX, probably my favorite game.


obsession, I was interested in. The wife's a huge fan of Downton, as was I, but she doesn't like to learn new games, and I save her few concessions on that front for favorites of mine.

2 months ago

I was just watching a review on this game to see if my wife, and my Jane Austen obsessed friends would dig it.  


2 months ago

Fancy!  #Obsession is great: probably my favourite title from 2018.  (But: I already have a copy; so I'm not in the running to win another.)

2 months ago

I haven't heard of Obsession before this, but after seeing pictures/videos of the games I've become super intrigued! I love period pieces! 

My family plays Terra Mystica all the time!

Taluva. I have a hard time finding it atleast. I really like map building games. 

58 days ago

I'm a big fan of Terra Mystica as well!

Premium User58 days ago

I've never played that one but it seems like something I should like anyway. What do you like the most about it?

57 days ago

It's hard for me sometimes to pinpoint exactly why some games work for me more than others. But I like the theming in Terra Mystica, the many different character combos that can really impact gameplay and strategy, the alternative strategies to win, the fact that it is competitive and you can interfere with others' plans but it also isn't super in-your-face or aggressive...

Premium User57 days ago

I don't play enough games with asymmetric player powers. Really have to do some deep digging into it. Maybe throw it on my wishlist for Christmas 

2 months ago

I can't say I've ever heard of #Obsession. I'll have to do a search to see what the hype is about. 

My favorite worker placement... I do enjoy Architects of the Western Kingdom. It's a fun take on the worker placment mechanic. 

Rare but not out of print... would #Xia: Legends of a Drift System  qualitfy? Maybe not, I feel like rare and out of print go hand and hand. 

2 months ago

Oh cool! I am pretty interested in this mostly because of how much and Steph rave about it! But it's also gotten good reviews from the Dice Tower, and it's well liked on BGG. 

My favorite worker placement game is #Everdell. It's not a strict worker placement game, as you have other options for actions, but it's my favorite game so far that has worker placement in it.

35 days ago

Well, dang. this game is a gem

Supporter46 days ago

Thank you!

56 days ago

obsession is a really well made and fun game even if the theme itself doesn't excite you. as a backer of the most recent KS in 2019, this game is beautiful, components are amazing, and it gets quite a bit of play over much of my collection. 

56 days ago

Obsession looks pretty sweet...

I really like #Belfort as a worker placement. The art is amazing, and thematically, it's really strong.

56 days ago

New to the scene. Don't have any idea what my interest in Obsession would be.

Just bought Agricola so that probably takes the cake for me. Have also been trying to get Targi but it's always out of stock around me.

I have no clue what games are out of print. 

58 days ago

The theme of Obsession doesn't grab me, but it's supposed to be a great game, so it would be awesome to have a chance to play it!

Premium User58 days ago

That's how I've been feeling too. Mechanically it's right up my alley but that theme...

57 days ago

Yup. I can definitely enjoy games where the theme/art doesn't draw me in, but they definitely tend to have an impact in what I'm drawn to buy!

Premium User57 days ago

That's for sure been the case in my life with this KS I've been considering backing (and just backed for that matter). The theme really got to me as it seems super interesting 

59 days ago

1. I am always interested in different game designs and combinations of mechanics (I design games myself). I have not heard a lot about #Obsession, but the art and mechanics catch my interest. 

2. My current go to worker placement is #The Pursuit of Happiness. I enjoy playing this game with my family. It has a twist on worker placement where you block yourself, not your opponents (though you can still take cards they want). It's one of the games in my collection where I don't care if I lose. It's so much fun just to play. If you win or lose, it's a great experience. And the solo mode is enjoyable as well, even though the goal is always exceeding a score threshold and 3 global goals.

3. Perhaps #Clans of Caledonia, as I see that often OOP.