Anachrony on Crack?

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I am planning to play #Anachrony on Monday and noticed that while there are a couple of playthroughs posted I didn't see one that includes the modules from the #Anachrony: Exosuit Commander Pack expansion.  My gaming partner is willing to permit a recording so hopefully by late next week I can post a new one with rules explanation and gameplay.  I thought about adding the Doomsday module but per the runs it is not recommended with the other modules and I'd rather play the other two.  Doomsday seems more appropriate for 4 experienced players in general so perhaps by 2030 that can happen ; P

#Tapestry , #Root , #Heaven & Ale , and #Founders of Gloomhaven are planning to come visit for playthroughs as well.  I think there are reasonable playthroughs on each of those but if anyone wants to see a new one let me know and I can squeeze another recording in.

Low quality, goofy, with lots of misstakes...bear that in mind :)

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On Monday we were able to get #Anachrony , #Founders of Gloomhaven , #Wingspan , #Root , and #Heaven & Ale to the table.  I recorded our playthrough of #Anachrony but the rules explanation I had set up live didn't take as my kids were doing school online at the same time and being in the garage the signal was limited.  I'll post the rules and playthrough as soon as I can.

We had a lot of fun and I'll give more feedback on the modules we played with once I get the video spliced and uploaded :)

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I'm all for watching some #Anachrony! And since you're offering.. lol #Heaven & Ale

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#Heaven & Ale...I'll try to get a recording of that in as well :)