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BGA Feature #50 Front Page / Top Bar Redesign


I took some time to improve the front page for users that aren't signed in. If you want to see it, just open up the site in an incognito mode to check it out. It better shows off the two main features of the site and hopefully makes it easier for people to want to use it more!

I also removed the texture background and dark color in the top bar and replaced it with a nicer blue gradient to match the branding better.

Let me know what you think of it!

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Supporter8 months ago

Front page is awesome ! Lots of great info in one place. And I really like the new color. I use it mostly on dark mode though.

8 months ago

Dude! That new front page for new users rules! It communicates the goals of the site very well!

Supporter8 months ago

I really like it, except it looks just a bit funny on dark mode. 

8 months ago

Oh wow that front page is AWESOME! Nice work! I actually kind of liked the texture background before, but I can definitely see how a solid color is better for branding purposes. The gradient is subtle, but it's nice!

8 months ago

Ok I think I miss the atlas/map texture :/

Supporter8 months ago

Very excellent job, Trent. As usual. 

Owner8 months ago

Awesome! Also... I guess I'll have to play more often and keep my "Your Plays" page fresh :)
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