Bird-Themed Game Hatched In St. Louis Soars In Popularity | St. Louis Public Radio

Board games have come a long way since Monopoly. Players can spend hours immersed in sophisticated, story-driven games — building civilizations on Mars or...

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trentellingsen Supporter8 months ago | 2 points[-]

I was just about to post this link! Looks like you get the karma this time...

Such a great game. I'm so excited to get the expansion and it feels like Nov 22 is an eternity away!

theDL 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Same! Did you order directly from Stonemaier or from a retailer?

trentellingsen Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

I ordered from Cardhaus. There were a few other games I wanted as well.

theDL 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Nice, yeah I ordered from Miniature Market. I hope there's not too much of a delay for retailers.

JamesReid860 Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

This is great! More coverage the better!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

I am saddened that there was not really any attention paid to gameplay. That article could almost have been written about a exceptionally beautiful memory game. That being said, I do like seeing the coverage that gaming is getting as a result of Wingspan as well as other games. 

sdirrane Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Man, I'll tell you.  I really want to like the idea of this game and play it.  It is so beautiful.  But I just have no interest in a zero player interaction game.

theDL 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Supposedly some of the cards in the new expansion add more player interaction. But either way, it's fine. We can't all like all games. Save your money for a game you're more interested in.

philryuh Supporter8 months ago | 2 points[-]

I agree, there will always be more games that are a better fit for you. It was like that for me with Pax Pamir 2 ed. Love the production side of things, the elegant design of the mechanics, and I get why it's acclaimed, but it's just not my preference (maybe that might change after I get more plays in, but I doubt it).

I enjoy Wingspan mostly because of how relaxing it is and giving some head space when I don't feel like hurting my brain on a thinkier game haha

sdirrane Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

I can see that.  I wish I had enough time for gaming to allow for those types of games.  Viticulture fills that for me a bit.  

I think this is how I feel about it.  I'm a musician and I share a lot of music with my musicians friends and they share stuff with me.  Whenever we don't like something that one of us sends we always say "I wish I liked it because you like it so much and I respect your opinion in music".  If that makes sense?

Skurvy5 Supporter8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Makes sense to me! I totally understand your viewpoint. 

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