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1st Kickstarter Project By Rathskellers : Modular table for Dining & Gaming

Modular, Magnetic & Affordable. The first Kickstarter project by Rathskellers. Reinventing the gaming market, shipping Worldwide....

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Premium User4 months ago

I do want to eventually get a gaming table but they're always so expensive! I'll have to check this one out after launch

4 months ago

Same, have you ever played on a gaming table before?

Premium User4 months ago

No I haven't. I think I just like the appeal of being able to have a bigger game set up before having people over to play. What about you? Have you played on one? What would be the first game you'd want to play on it if you ever get one?

4 months ago

No, they do look incredibly satisfying to play on. I would love to be able to pause a larger game partway through and just cover it over. I reacently got TI4 so I think that would be epic to play on a gaming table.

Partner4 months ago

 OH,  TI4 Fits inside the table :)

4 months ago


4 months ago

One day....but not today