Big Kid Games with Younger Kids

Alright, so this question comes after playing #Forbidden Island today with my wife and four-year-old (my three-year-old just watched and kept telling us to watch out for the lava). Our little dude did well. He understood the need to save the tiles from sinking, collect cards, and the like. Of course, there was a lot of helping him, but since we made it seem like he was making all the decisions, he loved it. We played on the very easiest of difficulties (and nearly lost haha) and had a good time. He loved playing and is excited to play again.

Forbidden Island was an easy one to play with him because it is cooperative and not a lot going on. The age on the box says 10+ and I think that's about right for strategic decision making. But, for participation, this one worked out great.

So the question is, what are some games you'd normally play on game night or with your spouse or whatever (that's not designed for kids) that is adabtable for younger children? 

Another game my four-year-old loves (and is really good at) is #Crokinole. We play by all the rules and he is legitimately good at it. I like playing these kinds of games witht him because 1) he loves playing my games with me, and 2) it's not as mundane as it could otherwise be. Still, I enjoy playing games like #My First Castle Panic and #Yummy Yummy Pancake, but it's always nice to start advancing him from an early age.   :) 

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13 months ago

#Sushi Go Party! is great for kids

13 months ago

Our library has this. I'll have to borrow it when they open again.

13 months ago

Games my 4 year old has won by herself playing with adults.

#Deep Sea Adventure

#Sleeping Queens

#Go Nuts for Donuts!

She has also sabotaged her 7 year old brother several times realizing his strategy.

My 4 year old has also played well but not won at

#Sheriff of Nottingham


and I'm pretty sure my adult friends like playing board games with my kids unless they are lying to me.

13 months ago

Oh you said adorable for children. Well Sheriff of Nottingham isn't adorable but we've had discussions about corruption and how it will break down a society and to use games as an outlet for 'bad' behavior that you wouldn't shouldn't couldn't do in everyday life. I'll try and revisit this thread 10 years from now and let you know if I made a mistake ?!?!?

13 months ago

I'll still be here in 10 years, so I'll be looking forward to that update haha

I could see my kid loving Sheriff of Nottingham and even doing well at it. I'll have to give that one a try. I think our library has it, so when it re-opens I'll have to borrow it.

Supporter13 months ago

This is maybe a cop out, and it might be for only younger players, but I have made up many roles for my son. He is often the official dice roller for #Deep Space D-6. When I played #Scythe more he was the one who would take the mech from the player board and put it on the map. I find that if I try hard enough I can usually involve him in some way, even no matter if it is a game he can actually play like #Go Fish!, or if is a a much heavier game that he can't begin to play.

13 months ago

That's a good idea. I'll have to see what roles I can make for him. When I was still buying #Star Wars: Destiny cards and be building decks, I'd have my son (then maybe 2 years old) match dice with cards. It helped him stay focused (instead of trashing everything) and gave me time to build the decks while he played. 

Supporter13 months ago

#UNO Card Game, #Kingdomino, and Monopoly Junior are ones that we play with my kindergartener quite a bit. 

13 months ago

Definitely gotta try Kingdomino with him. I think he'd really enjoy it. And he does well with Uno and is always happy to play it.

Owner13 months ago

Hmmm I see where you're coming from, so it should be games adults would be willing to play. Here are some games that comes to mind:

Games I know nothing about that might be doable (especially with some house ruling):

13 months ago

I've thought about TTR as well. He has a four-year-old friend who plays TTR with his dad, so I don't want him to get behind haha I think he'd enjoy the route building and trains, but I'd have to try it out to see how he does.

I should give Flip Ships a go. He loves flicking games like Crokinole and #Zoo Ball. Santorini might work as well. Great idea!

Supporter13 months ago

Problem with TTR is that your child needs to be able to read and understand what their tickets are in order for them to make decisions. Once they can read then that game is definitely in play.  

Premium User13 months ago

#King of Tokyo maybe? I guess that depends on how much they enjoy direct competition. Otherwise I could see #Kingdomino working fairly well. The strategy might not come to the young ones right away, but connecting similar tiles together can be a fun experience in itself. 4 is probably a tad young for both of those but maybe not.

13 months ago

I’ve done King of Tokyo with him before when he was three, but we just rolled dice and tried to hit each other into oblivion. I actually almost pulled that out for us today. I think he would get the rolling concept, but it’s the cards that would do him in. Kingdomino would be a good one. 

Ironically, we played King of Tokyo tonight with the in-laws. I lasted two rounds before I died haha

Premium User13 months ago

Yeah the cards are the only real tricky part to that game, so that makes sense. And wow two rounds, haha!

13 months ago

It was brutal haha