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A Glorious Moment (..or two...for Gloomhaven fans)

Premium User

I have two fun stories to tell and a bit of intro.  If you've played Gloomhaven, you'll get this...if not, great game, I recommend it.

Recently the online version on Steam opened up to multiplayer and my buddy and I (with whom I conquered the original game) started to play a campaign as he had surgery recently and can't leave his house or work for 6 weeks.  

I'm am playing with the Cragheart and he is using the Spellweaver.  A couple of days ago, we were getting to the point that it looked like we had not used our cards well and were both about to take several hits from enemies in the room we had just opened. As luck would have it...I had a leaf to use and my boots of dashing available.  I was able to get into the room with Rock Tunnel and my boots and use my War Hammer with Unstable Upheavel and slam 6-7 enemies at one with a stun and 3 damage or so a piece as well as immobilizing 3-4 of them (stun would have been enough I guess).  It was a lovely turn.


The magnificent win Colin and I finagled this morning was easily the closet call we have yet had to losing a scenario and coming out on top by the skin of our teeth.  Last room, spellweaver exhasted, one elite enemy with 2 health left...Cragheart has two discarded cards, all other's burned, non in hand...long rest is the ONLY option for the round.  I did have Opposing Strike active from a previous round...

Elite skeleton draws a card that will hit me, takes two damage from retaliate...and BOOM!  

6:30am best moment of the day win!!

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Premium User3 months ago

I've only played Gloomhaven twice, but I definitely can understand the satisfaction that comes when things like that happen. We're probably just noobs but during the first senario we only had one person in our party that wasn't exhausted enter the last room and we barely eeked out the win.

Premium User3 months ago

No matter how noob as player is...still feels epic! The game balances very well with experience.

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