It's January 31. How many games did you buy?

I've already ordered Spirit Island and Altiplano. Did anyone else get some good games? I'm looking at getting Viticulture EE next.

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Owner27 months ago

I got Railroad Ink (red edition), Gloomhaven, and Dominion Intrigue. I've only gotten to play Railroad ink so far though... Haha

27 months ago

I'm probably going to buy Flamme Rouge today. I just found out that SU&SD has a twitch streaming and saw them play this and it looked like a blast! I'm on the fence about getting the expansion though. I typically wait unless I can get free shipping or something.

27 months ago

This game looks super solid! 

27 months ago

This is the video play through I saw: 

27 months ago

I only bought Race for the Galaxy so far. However I got two boardgames as farewell presents when I left my old job: Gaia Project and 51st State: Master Set.

I also received the City of Kings kickstarter.

So not many bought, but plenty of new games!

27 months ago

Haha, that's the best! Kickstarters showing up make every month feel like Christmas.

27 months ago

Well, so far this year I’ve brouthgt StarWars Rebellion, Brass Birmingham Deluxe, and Root arrives tomorrow. Hope my wife doesn’t read this she’d kill me. 

Brass Birmingham is an absolute Gem by the way. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

27 months ago

I think I need to look at Brass: Birmingham again. For some reason I keep thinking it won’t be fun to play just from what I’ve seen. Root is delightful by the way. You’re in for a treat. The smell of the box alone was worth buying it.

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