Was finally able to play Root yesterday. Played two games as the rules suggest for two players, and won both! 

So far my favorite to play as is the Eyrie. Their governmental system always keeping you on the brink of collapse and forcing you into situations you dont want to be in was stressful with the Marquis gaining strength across the board but also very fun and rewarding. Every turn felt like a crisis averted and a real accomplishment!

looking forward to trying out the alliance and vagabond (everyones favorite) soon!

UPDATE: played with vagabond today. maybe it was just the 2 player experience but i didnt like it as much as i expected. Eyrie is still my favorite! will update again once i get a chance to play Alliance.

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FirstJohn318 16 months ago | 1 point[-]

Vagabond is better with more players but I still love the trash panda!!!

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