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Perks of being an adult 😂

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29 days ago

Why not? It's either that or giving a family member my Christmas cash envelope as we park in front of the game store and texting them a picture of what they are purchasing for me. Yes, we just did this two weeks ago.

35 days ago

Hahahaha - sent this is a friend who's wife constantly mentions how much he spends on Boardgames...

35 days ago

Santa came early yesterday with my #Mechs vs. Minions box arrived. 

34 days ago

heck ya!! That is exciting. That game looks dope. 

35 days ago

That look like a nice game, would like to try some day!

35 days ago

Although the disadvantage is there is also no one but you to monitor your bank account 😅

35 days ago

That's true 😂

35 days ago

Ha, excellent!

Premium User35 days ago

Hey man if Santa wants me to have it...

Supporter35 days ago

Who am I to disagree with Saint Nic?