My Top 5 Expansions


I really like Expansions, when I feel like they add something new to the game (a slight change, a need to look at it differently from a strategic standpoint for example).  Here are the expansions I have that I like the most...

5. #Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes Expansion - I really like Raiders, but this expansion really helps it shine.  Without it, I could see the game getting dry quicky.  I like that this Expansion allows you to try to find a different way to win besides gathering resources and raiding.  The last time I played I focused mostly on Raiding, but the person who came in second focused on picking up the quests and using those to make offerings.  They only lost by 2 and they only raided once or twice the whole game.

4. #Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley - I could almost say 3 and 4 are on the same level.  I love this expansion because it doesn't just add more to the game but actually changes the way you need to play.  Unlike the original Viticulture cards this allows you to focus on the engine building of your winery, which is the most fulfilling (pun intended) aspect of the game.

3. #Tuscany: Essential Edition - While I like the area control aspect of this board, I realy like how the wake up chart changes and how there are more spots to build your engine.  I particularlly like the spot that allows you the opportunity to mitigate one of the aspects of the base game that can really be frustrating (bad card draws).  I would never play with the base board (unless I'm teaching the game).

2. #Root: The Underworld Expansion - I know some may look at my top 2 and say it's "cheating" because they are from the same game, but they are quite different.  I really like the new deck in this and I love that it adds more variety with more boards.  I also like both of the new factions (even though I've yet to play the Corvid Conspiracy).  I love most of all that it give you a faction that can potentially allow you to not use the Marquise de Cat.

1. #Root: The Riverfolk Expansion - This one gets a slight edge because I love the factions that come with it.  The Lizard Cult is my favorite, but I really liked the Riverfolk the one time I played them (and that was on TTS).  I really can't wait to play the Riverfolk in real life.

Honorable Mentions: #Star Wars Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire, #Scythe: Invaders from Afar Expansion (I should mention that I like this expansion when I want to play with 6 - 7 players, otherwise I don't care for these factions and typically they are not used in a game of 5 or less).

What do you like about Expansions?  What are you favorites?

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Premium User10 months ago

I agree on your #Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes Expansion and #Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley.  As for my personal favorite expansions:

#Anachrony: Exosuit Commander Pack - adds one of the most comprehensively upgraded game experiences of any expansion I have.  Very costly expansion though, sadly.

#Scythe Encounters - 32 new promo encounter cards (Stonemaier Games) - is perhaps one of the most overlooked and best expansions for a game.  When someone who has Scythe asks me which expansion to get first I recommend this one first every time.  It's the most cost effect add to the game and the cards are a nice upgrade over those that come with the base game

#Wingspan: European Expansion - the new birds and different type of actions added a nice dynamic to the game.  We liked it a lot a look forward to the #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion.  Now if that box could be made to fit ALL the expansions....

#Scythe: Invaders from Afar Expansion - is a great add to the base game and opens up the 7 player option (excellent fun!).  The factions are different from the base factions and add unique dynamics to the gameplay when used.

Tie: #Firefly: The Game – Kalidasa & #Firefly The Game: Blue Sun Expansion - Firefly is a fantastic game that captures the heart of the show fabulously.  These two expansions open up the 'verse and offer a great number of additional options for flying around completeing quests and dodging reavers.  

Supporter10 months ago

Oh nice, maybe I'll check out the Encounter Cards at some point.  I just didn't consider them because I figured they were just different Encounters so, no biggie.

Premium User10 months ago

Quite a few of them are vastly different than the standard encounter formula cards.  Two examples: 

I drew one during a 6 player game that gave me the option of placing ALL grain in the supply on one tunnel hex.  I had Polania and used my second choice to do this because I wanted to watch the chaos that ensured.  The player who obtained control of that hex did ok, but they still lost.  Watching the havoc it created was great!

Another game a fella got a card and was able to BURN DOWN THE FACTORY!!! On turn three nonetheless and so no one but him got a factory card.  He still lost but it was memorable for all of us.

Not all of them are quite that extreme but the choices vary quite a bit and I have since removed a few of the base game cards that I just didn't think were quite as fun.

Supporter10 months ago

Wow fun!  So generally do you mix them or do you replace the base deck?

Premium User10 months ago

At first I just mixed them all together which is the standard procedure I believe.  After 3-4 playthroughs I decided there were some cards that were just a little less fun to draw than others (maybe 8-10 out of the 60-80 total) so I took out those cards which mostly came (if not all) from the base game.  So now I play with all but those cards.  

Supporter10 months ago

Nice.  Thanks for commenting and the input I'm definitely going to look into it.

Premium User10 months ago

I'll have to check out Visit from the Rhine Valley!

One of my favorite expansions is the Climate expansion for Evolution. It fits right in and feels like it just should be the game.

Supporter10 months ago

Yes for sure.  It really helps you need to focus on building up your winery engine to win instead of just random VP's here and there.

Supporter10 months ago

I enjoy expansions. Still, by far most of my game buying money goes to new games rather than expansions. 

Supporter10 months ago

I remember that about you.

Supporter10 months ago

I love expansions too. It's always great to take an awesome game and make it even better. 

Supporter10 months ago

Why Heart of the Empire specifically? What sets it apart from the other expansions?

Supporter10 months ago

As far as IA box expansions I only have Heart of the Empire and Twin Shadows.  I like the time that it takes place and the new maps.  I also like the new take on the way the Campaign runs and the extra campaign so we get a new story.

Supporter10 months ago

I think content wise Jabba's Realm is the best 

Supporter10 months ago

I do like that the theme of the Campaign is kind of like the Star Wars criminal underworld.  I'd love to see Xizor as an IA character.

Supporter10 months ago

Nice.  Maybe someday.  Right now I'm stepping back a bit from IA.  I think I need a break from me versus everyone else as a team.

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