How do you feel about Stonemaier Games? (Original Comic Credit to SrGrafo)

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Supporter21 months ago

I like and respect Jamey. I think he does a great job and his games have wonderful production values. I own and greatly enjoy Scythe. 

Premium User21 months ago

I like them.   Their games are good quality for the price in my opinion and I haven't played one I haven't liked yet.

Their customer service is amazing.  My dog chewed up my black Scythe pieces.  I offered to pay for replacements.  Nope, they sent them free of charge.

I know there has been some controversies but honestly the only reason they blew up the way they did is because Stonemaier is so popular.  For some people it was a chance to take a shot at one of the big dogs. 

I like the openness at Stonemaier even though Jamey pays for it sometimes by opening himself up to criticism.

So yeah, I'm a fan. :)

Owner21 months ago

I love it when I can clearly see the amount of investment and love that someone has put into producing a high quality product. And in the case of Stonemaier Games, I've seen it in every single one of their games so far, so I'd say that I'm a fan as well haha. There's definitely a level of confidence and trust that they've built in me to expect that I'll have a good time playing their games. I especially enjoyed seeing all of the thematic elements of Viticulture and Wingspan.