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Online Gaming


Hey everyone,

Given the state of life right now I've been further encouraged to try some online gaming.  Would anyone be interested in trying it out sometime in the next week or so?  There are a few options. has some free games that we have spoken about on the forum (I'm thinking of trying for a #Clans of Caledonia or #Architects of the West Kingdom night).

A few of us have TTS with both #Root (which is free) and #Viticulture: Essential Edition (which is DLC).  Let me know what you think and we can try to set something up.

Cheers, and stay healthy

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10 months ago

I know there are a couple of #Dune mods for TTS as well, though I haven't tried them and don't have TTS yet.

Owner10 months ago

I'll be down. My schedule has become a lot more flexible because our city is under a lockdown starting 5pm tonight.

Supporter10 months ago

I’m interested too. But last time we tried it was hard to line up schedules. Let’s see if we can get something to work!

10 months ago

Probably easier when everyone is under quarantine, lol.

Supporter10 months ago

Nice, hopefully we can set something up.  I usually have to go later, but you're behind me time wise.

10 months ago

Phil is streets behind

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