Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - March (with SPOILERS)


Post to compare our playthroughs of the month of March both Early and Late. 

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8 months ago

Got our March plays in today.  First time back to the game since Nov. 

Funding Level at start of month = 7

We also in the pregame we answered question 4 “we have an emotional attachment to our friends” as “agree”.  So after we ran the numbers we got the restriction card that says all search actions need to be done in Washington.  Our point total was 1.  It didn't matter in this game though as we were never close to checking for either objective before our world fell apart on us.  South America ended up being a disaster area with there being 3 agents in 4 of the 5 locations.  We couldn't get a neutral team created in order to help take care of the problem.  While we were trying to keep SA under control the MIddle East and Western Asia hit critical state and we ended up running out of incident tokens again.  The best thing we did though was remove the one city that has the disease from the game with our event card on the first turn.  Not having to worry about dieses made the game easier, not that it mattered in the end.  Result = Failure. 

2nd try at March went much smoother.  Playing again immediatly after our first loss helped us with strategy and overall game play.  It also helped that all 3 of our opening 3 incident locations where in NA which made it easy to get to and clean up.  We were actually able to get an allied team created early.  We also didn't have a ton of difficulty in creating the 2 Soviet teams.  Our Medical Coordinator's ability to pull city cards out of the discard pile was useful as he did it twice to create both Soviet teams.  We put the Crime boss to work twice as well so it felt good to have that upgrade work out immediatly.  Despite not knowing which of 3 Pacific Rim cities the Soviets where manufacting in, we put a team in all 3 locations and was able to complete both objectives, even if we did  need to be in DC to push the button.  

Really enjoying where this journey is going and can't wait to see what's next.

8 months ago

Its tough coming back to the game after such a long break.  We took a break in the middle of Season 1 and our first game back our dispatcher died.  It was pretty catastrophic. 

9 months ago

Early March – Win (funding level was 3)

In the pregame we answered question 4 “we have an emotional attachment to our friends” as “agree”.  So after we ran the numbers we got the restriction card that says all search actions need to be done in Washington.  Yay.  This game is definitely setting up the government to betray us at some point. 

This was another close one.  Again, we were cruising along, victory in sight, when we realized that our player deck was going to run out before we could get the cards to the people that needed them AND be in Washington to complete the search (stupid government restrictions).  We managed to figure out a way to do it but it required the use of airlift and 3 people had to scratch off 1 box from their aliases (nothing terrible happened, one of our players had to discard a card (that we didn't need) and the other 2 were blank) but we managed to pull off the victory with 1 card remaining.  Normally, our play style is not to let our characters take damage juuust in case and we would have used the airlift to get our characters out of danger, but this time we sacrificed for the win.  Our Hospital Admin is now our most mobile character through his use of his Spy Camera upgrade.  He figured out that if the city card is in the discard pile that it means unlimited direct flights for him so long as he has the action to get the card.   

Game end upgrades (6pts): ( pointed out we were doing this wrong, but we already played this one too.  Will fix in April.)

Medical conference coordinator (heretofore abbreviated as MCC) got Authorization codes 715 and 405.  These are the new ones we got about moving teams and getting rid of agents on their turn with teams.  We figured since this guy is best at moving teams he can use both of these to best effect.  

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