Dominion: Allies Will Be the 14th Expansion and it is Coming Soon

Dominion Allies

Publisher Rio Grande Games has put up the information for their upcoming 14th expansion of the 13-year-old Deck Builder that started it all, #Dominion. Are you a fan of the deck builder? Does it still stand up after all these years? Take a look at the description from the publisher below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Allies is the 14th expansion to Dominion. It has 400 cards, with 31 new Kingdom card piles. There are Allies that will do Favors for you, and split piles you can rotate.

It’s a celebration! People are dancing in the streets, and riding horses through the dancehalls. You’ve finally formed an alliance with the barbarians to the north. Instead of the streets running red with blood, they’ll run, well, the usual color, let’s not focus on what color the streets run. The point is, there’s peace. Sure negotiations were tricky. The barbarians are uncouth; they have no five-second rule and stick out the wrong finger when drinking tea. There are perks too though. They’ve given you skulls to drink mead out of, and spices to get rid of the skull aftertaste. And you’ve given them stuff in return: forks, mirrors, pants. It’s great for everyone. And with this treaty out of the way, you can get to work on your other neighbors. Soon, all the allies will be yours.

“Dominion: Allies” is an expansion, and cannot be played by itself; to play with it, you need the Basic cards and rule book (Dominion provides both). Dominion: Allies can also be combined with any other Dominion expansions you have.



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30 days ago

I still love the big money in #Dominion: Prosperity. If it is even close that good of a set, I will play for sure.

29 days ago

#Dominion: Prosperity is easily my favorite expansion for the big money!

30 days ago

I still play, especially since they releases an online version. Not sure if I am digging this expansion but I will have to see the cards.

Moderator Level 129 days ago

#Dominion was the first 'modern game' we bought for our son when for his 9th or 10th birthday.  He loved playing it when we rented it from one of our FLGS.  Two years later we gave him #Dominion: Intrigue for Christmas.  We played it over a dozen times until he stopped playing games a few years later.  I played one of the expansions earlier this year at my game night.  Still one of my favorite games.

30 days ago

I love Dominion, but I'm not a collector - I skipped Nocturne and still haven't gotten around to Dark Ages - so I'll wait and see on this one.

But I finally picked up Renaissance and have been enjoying it. Hoping this new one is as good!

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