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Recently received the 2nd edition of this game (rather the upgrade kit to make 1st edition look/feel like 2nd edition).  Also grabbed the expansions I had previously missed just because.

As far as designers go Peter Sanderson is a great dude.  Loved his updates his decisions and his communication style.  Good for him on a well run kickstarter.

The game itself is a skirmish game that can be played in a number of different ways, the short version is your Capital Ship has some really unique mechanics while your fighters/bombers etc have a very simple mechanic.

Each turn you can modify how fast/powerful/resilient your mothership becomes.  It allows for very interesting choices as a skirmish title.  The combat is fast and easy and the cards don't take themselves to seriously and the planets and accessories are all well thought out.  The expansions add asymmetry to each race and other things like nebulas and distress beacons to spice up your games.

It may not be Xwing v Tie Fighter of miniature games, but it is a fun little space romper in skirmish mode style.  You can either play elimination style or Victory Point style (our preferred method of play) and games are relatively fast.

In all, if you want a fast skirimsh game with some interesting decision space you could do a lot worse than Mothership.  If you want something detailed with pilot stats on each miniature well you're in for a much longer game.  But IF you want that short skirmish with some fun blowing each other up and a game that doesn't overstay its welcome or take itself to seriously, than Mothership fits nicely.

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Supporter12 months ago

Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Yet another board game that I haven’t heard anything about. 

Supporter12 months ago

Never even heard of this before. Looks sorta interesting. 

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