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What "normal" jobs should have games themed around them?


This is a bit of a random question. But, I have been thinking the last few days about essential workers, and how it is interesting to see how different countries determine which workers are essential in times of pandemic. It seems like many of those essential jobs are jobs that are sorta looked down upon. Many of them are much more entry level, and most are certainly not "destination jobs." That got me started thinking about jobs in games.

There are a lot of professions that have games themed around them. For instance, Uwe Rosenberg has many games themed around farming. There are games like, #Rush M.D. about being a doctor. There are games about being an astronaut, a general, a world leader, an astronomist, real estate mogul..... the list could go on....

So, my question this morning is, What jobs do you think should have games themed around them? I am especially curious about jobs that don't have games themed around them. Pitch your ideas in the comments below. 

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Supporter45 hours ago

Hmm, well I'm a teacher and I'm not sure if there are any games with that theme.  However, I don't know that I'd play a teacher themed game, since, well, I teach all the time.  Short idea for the game...

Hand Managment - The cards would give you the ability to manage, and teach

Dice Rolling - You would roll dice each class period to give your class personality and you would have to play the appropriate cards to deal with it.  Or you can do like a teacher and mail it in for the day and save your strong cards for another day.

Premium User2 days ago

Maybe a bus driver?  I know there are games themed around bus routes but how about a game themed around being the driver and having to deal with crazy passengers, things happening along your route, while still trying to do your route on time.  Could even be a legacy game with decisions you make impacting your route the next day.  

Not sure if I would PLAY a game like that mind you but II could see something like that working. ;)

2 days ago

Teachers? Classroom management? haha That one might be tough to impliment, but it could be a good educational tool if done well.

Antoher job could be social media manager. In this game, you would have to manage comments, reviews (good and bad), and use your resources to build an audience, appease irate customers, bring in sales, create content, etc. It could be a resource management game where time is a resource (i.e. be as effective as possible without working too much overtime, it takes x amount of hours to create a certain type of content). Could also be worker placement where you must assign a worker on a spot in order to fulfill that job requirement. For example, one spot could be to monitor comments on a live stream, write an article, or talk back and forth with the irate customer over DM about how you can't justify refunding the food they left on their counter for six months and now it's rotten and bad. You know, that kind of thing.

I think there could be a lot of fun games created based on "normal" jobs.

Supporter44 hours ago

Should have read through before posting mine, haha.

30 hours ago

Duplicate responses are all good, in my opinion. Teaching is on my mind because I just started the MAT program this week to teach high school. 

2 days ago

Interesting question.  It reminds me of the old video game (Root)Beer Tapper (name may depend on what part of the country it was in-I recall seeing both names as Beer Tapper was not kid-friendly) where you tried to serve customers coming in for food and beverages at different tables.

How about postal workers? Setting aside the challenges within the USPS, most of the postal workers I've interacted with over the years have been great people.  (I do have a relative who works/worked for the USPS.)

2 days ago

If we are thinking essential workers I could imagine a potentially enjoyable game based on being a supermarket worker: Ensuring your tasks were completed efficiently (which would shift depending on what customers did) while also preventing yourself from becoming too bored and also keep out of the way, or on the good side of a vindictive manager.

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