Favorite Reiner Knizia game?

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Knizia is a highly acclaimed designer, and to this date, I've only played one of his games: #Lost Cities (arguably the lightest). I really enjoy that game, but my wife doesn't, so I traded it away. Lately I've become interested in trying more of his notable games, so I'm wondering if anyone here has any favorites.

I have a feeling that I'll pick up #Blue Lagoon eventually, as it looks fairly approachable in terms of ruleset and game length, but offers plenty of interesting gameplay. I'm also interested in some of his heavier games in the same style, such as #Yellow & Yangtze and #Babylonia, but I know that he's designed many different types of games. Another one I know I'd like to pick up is #The Quest for El Dorado, for instance, which is a deck building race game.

So, gamers who've played a few Knizia games, what are your favorites?

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44 days ago

We aren't Knizia conoisseurs by any means, but so far we have enjoyed all his games. In order, from best to less good:

1. #The Quest for El Dorado

2. #Schotten Totten

3. #Indigo

A nice trait of those games is that we play them with our kids and most of the time they are able to play very competently.

We own but still haven't played #Tigris & Euphrates and the gorgeus new edition of #Hollywood Golden Age.

44 days ago

It seems crazy to me that I don't have #The Quest for El Dorado, but I own SO many deckbuilders...

What I need is for someone else to get it so I can play their copy. :)

43 days ago

We also have a few other deckbuilders: #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.

Although we love Clank and very much enjoy Legendary, #The Quest for El Dorado simply can't be beaten for ease of play, setup time and pure deckbuilding mechanics destillation.

Owner41 days ago

I like Clank and Quest too, but I'd also say that Quest for El Dorado is much more satisfying on the deck-building side. I always love those high payoff moments when you get that one big turn with tons of cards to play.

41 days ago

It's even better when your pretentious brother-in-law gets such a big turn but can't make use of it because your small wooden piece is blocking his optimal path!!

I don't know of any other deck builder game with this kind of blocking but I think it's genius.

Premium User44 days ago

Nice, thanks! Yeah I'll definitely have to pick up #The Quest for El Dorado at some point. You'll have to give #Tigris & Euphrates a try soon and post about it :D

And I'm not familiar with #Hollywood Golden Age, I'll have to look into that.

Premium User45 days ago

I have played a few of his games:

Out of those The Quest for El Dorado is my favourite followed closely by Yellow & Yangtze.

Premium User44 days ago

I'm mildly averse to auction games, but considering how acclaimed his are, I should give them a shot. I understand there is an upcoming reprint of #Ra as well.

What do you like about #Yellow & Yangtze?

Premium User44 days ago

The quest for el dorado is a deck building race game.  It's extremely well done!  Last time I played it we were all neck and neck at the end despite taking different paths and building different decks.  I highly recommend it!

I haven't played Yellow & Yangtze a ton and I've never played #Tigris & Euphrates which it's based on but from what I've seen I really like it!  It is certainly an abstract game at its core but the gameplay is super deep and it allows for some really cool plays to be made.  Honestly it's one I'd like to get to the table again soon!

45 days ago

Oh boy! I'm a big Knizia fan  - we held a Kniziathon at our local gaming group, and we usually do an all-Knizia night around his birthday. :)

ALL-TIME GREATS (and I mean all-time great games by anyone, not just Knizia)

#Ra - Such a tense game that combines auctions, press-your-luck, and set collection. And you get to yell "RA!" :)

#High Society - An auction game with some similarities to Ra, but nastier. The "poorest person loses" rule and the reverse auctions for bad items are just so mean!


#Through the Desert - An area-control abstract that puts a lot of balls in the air - reaching oases, fencing off areas, putting out the most camels in a color. And it's very pretty!

#Taj Mahal - Very interesting hand-management game in which you are trying to build the best hand to win auctions. Feels like Euro Poker.

#Lost Cities Board Game  - Multiplayer #Lost Cities with racing on a variable-setup board. Play with the #Keltis rules!

#The Lord of the Rings - Seminal co-op that manages to achieve the feeling of a fellowship with a minimum of rules and chrome.


#Merchants of Amsterdam - Another Knizia auction/area control game - but with a Dutch Auction clock!

#Clash of the Gladiators - Possibly the most un-Knizialike game on the list... Dice rolling! Player elimination! Draft teams of gladiators and pit them against each other. If your gladiators die, you get to control the lions. :D


#Blazing Aces! A Fistful of Family Card Games , #Dice Games Properly Explained, #New Tactical Games with Dice and Cards - In addition to designing hundreds of board games, The Doctor has also written books about board games. All three of these are full of interesting insights into game design from a master - and they have games in them, too!

Premium User44 days ago

Wow, thanks for this! I commented this above, but I've historically been averse to auction games, but I'll have to try one eventually. Possibly #Ra, since as I mentioned above, there's supposed to be a reprint incoming.

There are several in this list I haven't heard of, so I have some research to do!

43 days ago

Having only played #Lost Cities I can't really say it's my favourite Reiner Knizia as there is nothing to compare it to but it is a wonderfully designed little 2-player game. The back and forth and tension of what the other player is going to pursue or withold from you. It plays really quickly but has a nice arc tucked into that and has a really fun decision space. It's not my favourite 2 player game but it's defintely one I'll always happily play a quick game or two of.

43 days ago

I really enjoyed  #The Quest for El Dorado series, but I'm also quite curious about #My City.

Premium User43 days ago

Is one of the Quest for El Dorado games better than the others to get first? I know they're standalone and can be combined, but I just assumed that the original one is the best to pick up first.

43 days ago

You wouldn't make a mistake with either. I do like the straightforward race in one direction in the basic version, but it can also have its benefits (more interaction/ catching up) when you cross paths more often (as in the GT version).

45 days ago

I have never played a Knizia game. I haven't seen one where I was driven to want to try it. I would play one if someone brought it out to play, but on my own none of them struck me as a must try. 

39 days ago

I don't know anything about his games, but #The Quest for El Dorado is on my wish list.

Supporter45 days ago

I've not played any of these games, and I'd be lying if I wasn't convinced a cat walked across your keyboard for part of this post... ha!

Premium User44 days ago

haha do I strike you as a Knizia-hater?

Supporter43 days ago

No I'm more refering to ths spelling of the last name of the designer.  A little joke because I could not be able to pronounce it if I tried.

Premium User43 days ago

got it lol