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Adventure Mart – “Cute cats are lousy at sales” – Cardboard Guru

Players: 2-4 | Time: 30-60 Min. | Genre: Deckbuilder Usually, I avoid talking about the artwork in a board game because trying to pass off judgment on a subjective matter often comes across as arro...

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5 months ago

It sounds like a more in depth version of #Bargain Quest, which is a game that has been on my radar for a little while. Have you ever played it, and if so is there one you would recommend over the other?

5 months ago

I haven't but I am interested in giving a shot. I did notice they tend to go on the second-hand market often in my Facebook groups and kijiji, so not a good sign

5 months ago

Ah, maybe not

5 months ago

Played this one recently at 2P and we were pleasantly surprised. I haven't played all the deckbuilders… but this one did feel different to me, like a fresh take on the category, and I think the artwork/theme played some part in that.

Your quote, "Sometimes a deck of cute cards and cardboard pieces is all that you need to play a game that is full of meaningful decisions," is spot-on for me. This is when games tend to surprise me the most – when they delight in a big way despite being small in size; when the gameplay feels bigger than the sum of the components.

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