Feedback Friday! (2020-02-14)


For those who are new, this is a weekly post where you can share your praises/complaints/wish features for our forum, game pages, content, etc. So, have at it and let us know your thoughts!

Also, I read through everyone's inputs on last week's post about the forum structure. @trentellingsen and I will talk and see how we can improve the experience in the future.

As for me... I'd love to see a revamp of two main things:

  1. Revamp the play log feature for ease of use and add interesting statistics to look at/share.
  2. Game page - first, adjust the design/layout to be more efficient use of space and to show better hierarchy of info. Especially from PC, I'd like to be able to see all of the crucial info in one screen without needing to scroll so much. When you search for a game, I'd like it to take you straight to the game's page when you click on the suggested game title. Also, a game page doesn't show all of the pictures that users have added and some of the buttons don't work for "scrolling" to see the rest of them. Add weight/complexity ratings for rules vs. gameplay, and make this info prominent. I'm sure there are more, but I'd just love to see a revamped game page that will make me go to BGG less for info.

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theDL 5 days ago | 2 points[-]

No real feedback, I'm just here to say I appreciate that you guys are so receptive and actively looking for input from the users. Thanks for everything you guys do to make BGA the best it can be!

CaptainPossum Supporter3 days ago | 1 point[-]

It would be cool to have a public log of "Most Played this Week", "...Month", "...Year" for the site as a whole.

CaptainPossum Supporter4 days ago | 1 point[-]

I sent this via email a few days ago:

Feedback so far:1. The All Games > By Popularity page
  • There's no clear indication of how games are ranked on that list. 
  • I'm not sure the prices are necessary on that page. Again, I'd rather see clearly why it is ranked so highly than see how much it might cost to buy
2. Game search.
  • It seems like there are multiple listings for individual games and it isn't clear which one is the "right" one to click on. Also, I would assume multiple listings mess with the Popularity rankings as well.
  • Stockpile is a good example of this. I search for it and the game is listed twice and the forums and ratings don't appear to be linked.
3. Game pricing - I really really like the pricing comparisons in the side bar of a game's page. I'm not entirely sure you need pricing represented everywhere else a game is shown though.

indigopotter Supporter4 days ago | 2 points[-]

If you see a duplicate listing, there's a button in the toolbox on the right side of a game's page where you can submit a note about a duplicate game and we will get notified so we can go look at it ( I fixed Stockpile).

sdirrane Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

Love #1 

bgqtony 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

I'd love for a way to upload rulebooks to the site. Right now it seems like it's only possible to host them elsewhere and put a link on the game page. 

trentellingsen Supporter47 hours ago | 1 point[-]

In the toolbox section of the game pages there's an "Add File" link where you can upload rulebooks or anything else you like! I probably need to make it more visible though so people can see it since I've been asked to add the feature a few times.

bgqtony 39 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Huh, I never noticed the link. I think because it's small text under a big link box. 

Marshwiggle92 Supporter40 hours ago | 1 point[-]

That's cool. I'll need to check it out. 

theDL 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

When I get a game I do almost always scroll through the "Files" section on BGG to see if someone's created something interesting, so this would be a welcome addition in my book.

bgqtony 5 days ago | 2 points[-]

Same with me. Player aids, faqs, etc...

theDL 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

Yep. Player aids have been lifesavers in my plays of #Dune

Marshwiggle92 Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

Great idea 

Marshwiggle92 Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

I've really been wishing for a weight feature for the game pages. But, I love what y'all are doing. 

theDL 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

I love the weight feature. Honestly the weight, best player count, and play time features are what I look at most on BGG.

Love4boardgames 36 hours ago | 1 point[-]

I would love a weight/complexity feature, but I wish it were implemented differently than BGG. I would prefer a broader range of categories rather than a single complexity score. Ratings could include the following:

Ease/Difficulty in learning the game.

Ease/Difficulty in teaching the game.

Ease/Difficulty in actual gameplay.

Ease/Difficulty in mastering strategies.

Game audience: Is the game great for newbies, casual gamers, or experienced gamers (or some combination)? How easy or difficult would it be to adjust the rules complexity for different play styles, abilities, and/or ages?

I know it would be difficult to implement, but the current BGG weight rating is so subjective and confusing to me as some games are easy to teach and play but are difficult to master, and other games can easily be made more or less complex with a few simple rules changes. I realize that these new ratings would also be subjective, but I think they would give a better idea of what to expect.

theDL 36 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Hmm that's a good point. There are some games I've played that have similar weights according to BGG, but in my experience are actually pretty different levels of difficulty when it comes to learning/playing. I do think there should at least be a distinction between ease of learning and complexity of strategy, because as you say, some games may be easy to learn the basic rules, but the strategies may not reveal themselves through simply learning the rules. Other games may take some more learning to grasp the rules, but once you have that down, the rest of the game is smooth sailing.

Love4boardgames 34 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Exactly! I hope that the community can develop a better measurement system to help people decide whether a game will work for themselves and/or their gaming group.

theDL 34 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Let's do it!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

Best player count and weight are my favorite features for BGG. So so good. 

theDL 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

It's very helpful when deciding on a game. Of course having the user base that BGG has helps a lot, because you can get a large sample of people's views on a game. But BGA will get there!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

It is getting there. 

WadeB1977 5 days ago | 1 point[-]

I concur on both accounts.  BGG has a trade options and boardgame co is great but it would be nice to have a trade area on BGA for keeping games in a constant status for trade or purchase.

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