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KS Underwhelming At The Moment?


So I can't tell if this is just because I'm more ingrained in the hobby than I was a few years back, or if it's also because I limit my spending to one game and one expansion a year, but it feels like over the past 6 months I've not seen a lot of KS that are really catching my eye.  Nothing I want to share with buddies or that I say, man I wish I had a bigger budget so I could pick that up.

I will also say, I don't necessarily think this is bad.  I've always been a proponent of companies moving away from KS (if a viable option) and perhaps that has added to the lack of really cool looking games.

I also have to admit I will most likely back the #Root and possible John Company 2E on KS so I know it's not completely off my radar.

What do you think?  Have you noticed this trend as well?  Is it just a matter of my purchasing and researching habits changing?

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Partner20 hours ago

Bézier Games is launching a new version of #Castles of Mad King Ludwig later this month. This version is probably in the same vein as the recent #Suburbia: Collector's Edition. Also a new version of #Tinners' Trail is currently on Kickstarter. Never played the orginal, but I am considering backing.

22 hours ago

Last 6 months have been amazing for games: #In Too Deep - #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans - #Don't Get Got! - #Raid - #Nemesis Lockdown - #Darwin's Journey came out this week. Other ones that I remember but are not my style are #ISS Vanguard - #Vindication

Supporter3 hours ago

Nice.  Could just be that things are clicking so much for me because I'm happy with my collection and I have a very tight restriction on purchases per year.

Supporter32 hours ago

I don't know what it is for you. I think for me it becomes less interesting as I refine my tastes. As my tastes become more particular, it becomes harder to be tempted by stuff that doesn't fit in my wheelhouse.

Supporter3 hours ago

That's probably part of it.  And the fact that I'm really happy with my collection.  I just felt like there used to be more, if I had all the time and money I'd pick this up, and that hasn't been the case as much lately.  But I also don't look at it like I used to because of the 2 reasons above.

38 hours ago

I think the whole COVID situation just finally caught up to everyone. Lots of companies got out the games they planned to get out but have been slow to get new ones out there right now. I can think of plenty of nice campaigns within the last 6 months, but ever since, say, early December it's been reeeeeally slow. This is usually a pretty slow period for KS anyway, post-holidays. Things start to pick back up in February with a small lull around the start of con season. 

2 days ago

I think it is people are getting used to what is there, not that it is underwhelming.

Also #Pingyao: First Chinese Banks, and #Pingyao: the Golden Powner is on KS right now.  The page is not particularly exciting, but the game is BOSS!!!

Supporter47 hours ago

I think that's probably the case for me.  And the way I purchase games.  I just remember sending something out to my buddy like once a week that looked kind of cool and I haven't sent him a KS link in months.

2 days ago

I watched your video about it and was definitely intrigued!