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Team Games

I want your favorite team games. I'm not talking #Codenames or other games where you have to decipher meanings, but rather games that are played on a board (or cards from a hand, whatever). There are some great games out there that pit you 2 vs. 2 (or more), and I want to know what they are! Mine are in the comments.

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9 months ago

My wife taught me #Sequence this week, and that has a team mode that makes it much more interesting for competitive players or people who think they know their playing partner well.

She grew up playing it with her family, and they loved making fun of each other's tells. 15-20 years later and they are still using tells they learned from Sequence to spoil games for each other. 

9 months ago

haha That's awesome. If I'm playing a bluffing game with my wife, and we're not on the same team, she will call me out on everything I do. And she's right 98.2% of the time.

9 months ago

To be honest I don't think I've really played a team game that's not a party game. There are alliances in #Dune, but those are...tenuous, haha. I started watching a video from Shut Up and Sit Down where they played #Concordia: Venus Expansion, which adds rules for team play. Looks pretty interesting! Without having played the original, I don't know whether I'd prefer one over the other, but it seems well done.

9 months ago

I've played Concordia once, but I'm not sure how teams would work with that. Seems interesting though!

9 months ago

It was interesting. I was only half paying attention, but I believe how it works is that when you play your card, your partner has to play the same card on their turn, and there's a rotating first player thing. I could be wrong, because of the half paying attention thing lol.

9 months ago

One of my favorite team games is #Flag Dash Board Game. Flag Dash is basically capture the flag with action programming and is a ton of fun. It plays well 1v1 but also is great 2v2.

#Disc Duelers is another great one, and can be played teams or free for all.

While I haven't played #Fire Tower as a team variant yet, it looks and feels like it would be a fun one.