Viewing User Edits

BGA Feature Request

I think it would be informative to be able to click on the number that represents how many wiki contributions a user has made on their profile, to go to a page to view a list of all of the edits that they have made.

It would be great to be able to see history of a person's contributions to the larger community.

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27 months ago

I think it would be interesting, but I'm not sure it sounds necessary? maybe it would help moderate bad edits?

27 months ago

Definitely not necessary.  But potentially help community moderate some.  As well as just in the interest of transparency.

Owner27 months ago

That does sounds interesting. That would also be a good incentive to make sure you're providing quality edits that you want to show off.

27 months ago

RIght.  And i'm not even sure best way to show, but maybe at minimum just link to page that was updated, along with the "Update comments"  should be sufficient.  (And maybe date/time of the update.)  I'm not sure what other elements exist around updates.  page version number maybe.  Just a way of showing the relevant information for a persons history.

27 months ago

That sounds like a cool idea.

27 months ago

Yes!  I just tried to click it today and was disappointed that I couldn't find a recent edit of mine that way.