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Why do you deserve to win Glory to Rome??

In anticipation of next weeks giveaway for #Glory To Rome, I wanted to hear from y'all what interests you about the game? Aside from it being hard to find and worth a lot on the market, what are aspects of the game that intrigue you? Do you know someone who is itching to get their mits on this game? Here is why I am interested:

  • Interesting interaction and multi-use cards
  • From what I hear on Heavy Cardboard it really creates some fun memories and moments
  • One of the guys in my gaming group has wanted this for a while now and it would be fun to give it to him and play with him!

What about you? To build the hype train up, what pumps you up about this?

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Owner34 days ago

I wonder how busy the forum will get next week lol. I'm going to go all out spreading the word through every one of our platforms :)

33 days ago

I truly hope it is bumpin!!

31 days ago

I have literally never heard of the game before mentioned it. But having had a read about it it does look pretty cool. I really enjoy multi-use cards and where there are multiple legitimate choices to be made each turn

30 days ago

Really?? It is crazy, it has been talk about so much in my group and the Youtube channels I watch that it is hard for me to imagine not know about it! but it is cool to bring exposure to these games!

30 days ago

Yeah, I just never came across it, I tend to be pretty far behind the hype 🙄 have you ever played it?

Premium User33 days ago

I love games where the cards are multiple possible things.  

Also, if I get a copy I promise a rambling review! :)

33 days ago

Heck ya! Whoevre gets it for sure needs to do a review. No skimping on that!

Supporter34 days ago

To be clear, I don't deserve to win #Glory To Rome in any way.

That being said, I really really want to win it. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • I love the designer.
  • I love wild, weird, wacky card games with broken powers.
  • But, mostly I want this game because it was the first grail game that I ever fixated on. I remember when I got into the hobby, I spent a lot of time on reading reviews on a site called, My favorite reviewer on that site was a man who went by the pseudonym Farmer Lenny. Glory to Rome, was one of his favorite games of all time. The way he wrote about it made me really really desire this game.

34 days ago

Lol I put that title there as a joke :) I know we are not entitled to anything here! 

There really is a lot of praise that goes around in the industry that has caused th hype train to build!

Supporter34 days ago

Yep, I know that you meant that as joke, but, I still had to say it.

34 days ago

Honestly would feel bad for the rest of the people on here who are excited for it, if I won the game, because my care for the game is minimal. 

I mean I'd give it a go and maybe like it but I don't have any real hype for it.

34 days ago

Maybe it would be a big hit if you got it! You never know until you try it out!

34 days ago

Artwork looks awesome in the Black Box! I do enjoy Roman history.

Seems like its a quick game also, an hour tops! Nice to have a mix of that. 

Seems like a great game to have or to gift someone! Good luck

34 days ago

Ohhh I would totally jump on the time of the gameplay too, it is always a plus to have a heavier game with a shorter time frame!

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