What is your favorite player colour?

Red(2 votes) 25%
Green (3 votes) 38%
Blue(1 vote) 13%
Black(2 votes) 25%

8 votes

This is pretty self explanatory. Chime in with your favorite player colour. I could only put four options in the poll, so, I know I left many many player colours out. You can add those in the comments.

My favorite player colour is red. It is certainly not my favorite colour. But, it is my favorite player colour. 

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Owner3 months ago

When I have people over, I'll let them choose. For solo games, I'll usually go with a color that I feel will look good on camera and on the board so that I can take nice pictures to share here haha

But my favorite is usually red. It can be a miss at times though, if the red has a "tacky" feel to it depending on how they produced it.

Supporter3 months ago

You are right. I do think that red and green are the colours that are most often coloured in a way that feels tacky.

3 months ago

Maybe it's my people-pleasing nature, but I generally don't care what color I use. I try to let other people pick what they want and then choose from what's left. Usually I try to get something that's easy to pick out on the board, haha.

Supporter3 months ago

I love this... for me though it depends on the game.  Generally if I can just pick I'll pick green, but some games don't have green.

In #Clans of Caledonia I like blue.  In #Viticulture: Essential Edition I almost always pick purple because of red wine.

3 months ago

I generally don't like purple as a color too much, but the purple in Viticulture is very nice. I do like that one.

Supporter3 months ago

One of my daugters favorite color is purple which influenced that choice.

Supporter3 months ago

So, for you, your choice can vary by game? That's interesting. 

3 months ago

Of the options going I think I'd take green, although generally I'd go for a friendly yellow: people never suspect the yellow player......

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