Voidfall Kickstarter from Mindclash Games, David Turczi, and Ian O'Toole


Voidfall is an upcoming 4X sci-fi game from household names like Mindclash Games, David Turczi, and Ian O'Toole.

Mindclash Games

Known for their heavily complex games with unique themes such as time travel (#Anachrony), illusionists (#Trickerion), and personification of emotions (#Cerebria: The Inside World). Each of their games have been well received and score an average of 8/10 on BGG.

David Turczi

A prolific designer who not only designs his own games such as Anachrony, but also frequently works with other designers to come up with compelling solo modes. Seeing his name will spark most solo gamers' interest.

Ian O'Toole

One of the most widely recognized board game artists in the industry. He has a knack for coming up with wonderfully intricate illustrations that don't feel overwhelming to the eyes. Plus, he's also a graphic designer so his works are great at marrying the two elements together.


So who's excited? For me, this is another game that falls in the category of an "immediate buy if I had the right group to play with". Then again, I'll be watching this closely to see how the solo experience looks! :)

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Supporter4 months ago

I would violate my no Kickstarter rule for this game. Let me know when and where to spend my money. Assuming it has a solo mode of course. 

4 months ago

Haha, what about it tempts you so much?

Supporter4 months ago

This literally checks all the boxes. Ian. David. Mindclash. 4X. Space. 

Owner4 months ago

Considering this combination (space theme, 4X, and what Mindclash did with Anachrony), I'm expecting to see some character/faction illustrations from Ian O'Toole, whereas his works on #On Mars and #Black Angel were more abstracted and a zoomed out look on the world. He seems super versatile when it comes to art so I'm excited to see what he comes up with!

4 months ago

Premium User4 months ago

The cover is gorgeous, to no surprise. I've never played one of David Turczi's games, nor any Mindclash games, as my group (and I) usually steer a bit away from heavier games, but I must say that I'm intrigued by this one! I love sci-fi themes, and I've never played a true 4X game, so this would be a first for me. I think whether or not I back this will largely depend on price, so I doubt that I will be backing it, haha.

Owner4 months ago

"Heart" for your lightning quick replies lol.

I'm with you there, and I think it would look great on your shelf 😀

It's interesting to see David Turczi coming out with #The Defence of Procyon III and now following up with what seems like another player interaction heavy game. It's definitely refreshing to see!

, what do you think? I know you really like The Defence of Procyon III. I guess it would be too much to take on another 4X game when you have TI4 though haha)

4 months ago

For sure, I definitely want to get in a game or two of TI4 before I look at another super heavy game. 

I do really like #The Defence of Procyon III, if this game is as unique then I'd be keen to give it a go. That said I just found out that Procyon will be delivered in August rather than May so I have to wait a little longer to get my hands on the physical copy 😟

I do really enjoy that style of game though: lots of player interaction, euro-style combos, space for a story to unfold. However, right now I'm not really in the market for new games so will probably give it a miss.

Premium User4 months ago

I had my gmail tab open so it just popped up, lol

Hahaha I love it! And I love that you went back and found that pic lol. Shelf looks a bit different these days! Quite a few more games.

#The Defence of Procyon III seems like a really interesting one. I don't think I knew that it was a David Turczi game.

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