E4: Turning A Basement of Board Games Into A Big Business - Board Game Co Interview

I spoke with Alex and Dan, the owners of Board Game Co which is an online store primarily focused on used board game trading and direct sales. They go throug......

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Supporter8 months ago

I like these interview series, they re very interesting. Keep them coming :)

Supporter8 months ago

Only watched a third of it so far but very interesting insights. Great interview!

8 months ago

Good interview! Seems like an interesting business model that's tough to make work, but it's cool to see they're growing! I hadn't heard of them before this.

Supporter8 months ago

Timely interview considering the recent post about buying used games. 

Supporter8 months ago

If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was planned, haha. It just happen to be scheduled this way somehow.

Supporter8 months ago

Chance rules the day. 

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