Vengeance is back with a vengeance! (and a new expansion)

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Few things in gaming are as satisfying as holding a handful of custom dice. When you add to that over 81 excellently sculpted miniatures, that's quite a package. But a good game needs a good story, too, and Vengeance has it. 

In Vengeance, you're a hero tracking down those who wronged you. You burst into their dens and use your abilities to manipulate your dice into combos that will wipe them out.

Vengeance is the "revenge movie in a box" and now it's back with Director's Cut, an expansion that makes you the director; changing scenes, swapping extras, and activating enemies. Director's Cut includes new content like Hero Perks, Story Missions, the Immacolati Gang, and a new hero, Napoleone.

Director's Cut is available for $30. If you're new to the game, you can also get the Vengeance base game for $80, or both, plus the Runa Bolt Kickstarter Exclusive Hero Pack for $120. 

Got a thirst for vengeance and nothing less than everything will do? The all-in pledge has all of that PLUS the Rosari Gang, Saboteurs, Big Boss and Gambling Dens, and the Meatboy Murphy Hero Pack for $179.

Check out all of the options in the campaign before it ends on November 15, 2019.

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About the Game

Vengeance plays out like this: 

First comes The Wronging, where you suffer hurt from gangs and bosses.

In The Montage, you draft dice and select cards to heal damage, recon enemies, and develop your character.

Next is The Fight, where you have 3 rolls in 3 minutes to kill off the boss.

Fight Combos come from using your abilities to modify dice rolled, and chain them into combos.

To make it even more challenging, Director's Cut lets you edit your opponents' fight scenes and mess with their plans. 

There's also a dedicated solo mode, with a different mission for each Hero based on their backstory. 

More on Kickstarter

There's more information on Kickstarter, including links to the rulebook and lots of videos, so check it out before the the campaign ends on November 15th, 2019.

See the Kickstarter

ithayla 6 months ago | 2 points[-]

"Vengeance is the moment when the music stops and everyone in a room looks up at the sword-wielding figure who just walked in. Vengeance is the roar of gunfire in an illegal chop shop followed by the clinking of bullet shells in a dead silence. Vengeance is every ‘backflip through a plate glass window into the camera with two guns blazing’ scene in every action film you’ve ever seen and it’s right here on your table."

- from my review of the game.

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