My Very First Top 100

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The day-to-day grind of keeping the house clean, work, family, and shuttling kids to activities have made it a challenge to play games at all; much less post.  I've been eeking out times here and there to record a video and edit and lately find myself behind in both life AND hobby's.

But these are first world problems and I have limited room to complain.  BGA has been a great blessing and I greatly enjoy the recent upsurge in game invites.  Though my distractibility, I fear, makes me less competative than I'd like to be, I love the mental gymnastics of each turn.

One of my recent endevours has been assembling my top 100 games.  A year ago I am not sure I could have managed this but too my surprise, I found I have now played enough games that there are selections that don't make the list that surprise me.  It is also noteable that everytime I start doing a video for a section of games, I feel like the list has changed from the previous time I looked at it.  Sometimes the day before!  Nevertheless, I have stuck with the choces I've made thus far and expect that next year's list will look reasonably different.

If you take the time to review the list, what jumps out or surprises you?

Do you ever do the PubMeeple thing and sort your list or think about your top games?

Do you have any games you feel qite good about one day and aren't sure about the next?

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Moderator Level 19 days ago

Added this to my "Watch Later" list on youtube, so hopefully I'll get to it this week!

9 days ago

Ditto (added to my Watch Later list as well).  I'm always down for another boardgame countdown!

Moderator Level 18 days ago

Dropping in some more thoughts on yout 60-41 video...lots of good stuff in there.

I enjoyed my one play of #Russian Railroads on BGA and would definitely be open to playing some more. Maybe after I actually read the rules lol.

#Regicide has been on my wishlist for a bit, but I recently won a solo game of it and I'm not sure if I feel like I need to own it anymore.

#Anno 1800 looks so cool and is on my wishlist.

I've been playing a lot more #Azul with a friend recently. It dropped off my top 25 a couple years ago, but I still enjoy playing it.

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition was fun when I played at your place. Even if you did kick my butt lol.

Kind of suprised #Hawaii made your list. Didn't you only play it those few times with me and docker on BGA? Or have you played it more since then? I actually have 2 physical copies of the game because I bought one from a used bookstore and it was unfortunately missing 2 island tiles. I couldn't think of how to replace them so I just traded into another copy haha.

#Masters of the Night sounds pretty interesting. Haven't heard of it before this video. Not like I need any new games..

#Istanbul is a game I really should try to reacquire. It's one of a couple of games I kind of regret getting rid of.

Moderator Level 17 days ago

Yeah, I had to go back to the scoring on Russian Railroads after playing several times as I noticed folkd scoring WAY more points than I was.  I'm still working on how to maximize my points.

I haven't played #Regicide for a couple weeks now but raelly enjoyed it and feel like this could be one that my family would consider playing together.  I'd like to have a copy to take on trips and such.

Yeah, #Azul is just a solid game.  I have a hard time seeing it drop off my top 100 or moving up too much either.  I am somewhat interested in getting the Chocolatiere edition when its available if the price is reasonable. #Azul: Master Chocolatier

I really liked the action selection options in #Hawaii. It's true, I only played it those several times with ya'll on BGA, but I enjoyed it and want to explore that one some more.  I never felt like I was able to leverage the points well and would like to figure that out and see how I feel about it, know...when I'm actually competative at


Premium User9 days ago

Top 100's are hard to come up with.  Sooooo many comparisons if you use pub meeple!

To answer your questions:

  • Jumps out or surprises me? Unstable Unicorns.  I have this game along with a bunch of expansions but I feel like it gets looked down upon a bit.  It's fun if you get in to it for what it is and play up the silliness.  My (now adult) kids bought it for me with a bunch of expansions and we play it now and then and enjoy it.
  • Do you use PubMeeple to sort your games: For sure, once a year around Christmas and I post it up here too. :)  I've played a fair amount of different games (many of them once) so comparisons take a while even if I limit it to games I rate well.
  • Games I feel quite good about one day and aren't sure about the next? I picked up #Struggle of Empires deluxe edition for a really good price.  It looks like a war game but it's more of a euro but everyone says you want to try to play it with a large player count.  (6 or 7 players)  It's a fancy game but a big box and I haven't been able to get a game of it yet.  So it's gone on to my selling list at a high price and come off when I decide to try to get it to the table.  We'll see where it finally ends up!

Thanks for the post!

Moderator Level 19 days ago

Yeah, there are a few party games that I find pleasant to play even though I don't really play them that often. Exploding Kittens is another game that is reasonably good for what it is but not quite good enough to make my list.

Unstable Unicorns has enough creativity to it to maintain its fun. I haven't added any expansions but largely due to it not getting played a ton.  I'm more open to adding expansions we play quite a bit. Wingspan has every expansion and Ark Nova will get its expansion next year. 

Moderator Level 19 days ago

I only saw videos for up to your number 61 I think it was? Did you post the others and I'm just missing them?

My thoughts so far:

You've got more time on your hands than you think lol. I barely got through doing the pubmeeple ranking the 45 or so games that became my top 35 and here you are making a whole video series on 100!

Speaking of your list being 100, how many games total have you played? I think I'm at 406 unique titles and I felt like doing 50 was too many. Of course I kind of zone out doing the PubMeeple thing after awhile so maybe I'll have to use your flash card method in the future.

Still haven't gotten around to playing#Mage Knight or even watching your playthrough. I started the video but life happened lol. I think I'll likely end up trading or selling my copy like you did but I want to at the very least try it out first.

#Unstable Unicorns really? Lol just kidding. I bought that one for my cousin's kid and we haven't played it with him yet so I can't knock it quite yet.

#Barenpark was one I'm kicking myself for forgetting to include in my rankings. I don't know if it would have snuck onto the top 35 because I have some good games on there, but it would have been interesting to find out. Also just an editing note, I think you played that for the first time with Sarah and I when we visited.

I've been enjoying#Keyflower quite a bit too. Took a bit to understand what was happening, but I think I get it now. Happy to play it whenever.

Moderator Level 19 days ago

Ha! Well, sometimes I record at weird time like 4am and forgo sleep to get these done.  I just recorded my 61 - 40 and will be editing and posting that this week.  

According to BGG I have played 222 unique games but that only counts since I've been tracking and I have around 300+ that I've played, many of which were before I was tracking anything. 

I've found Unstable Unicorns to be a fairly "stable" game and enjoyable whenever I get it to the table.  It's a good filler and doesn't seem to overstay its welcome. 

Moderator Level 18 days ago

You're making me feel like I should have done more than a top 35. My problem is I don't play games enough to know I like them. Games I hate enough to never play again or are "just okay" tend to have a short shelf life.

Premium User8 days ago

Do it however you like!  When I do top 100 it really is a stretch and I've played nearly 500 unique games.  Really I should be doing a top 50 as most of those 500 I have played once at most.

Game enjoyment is like art, you know what you like.