Fluidity of Wish Lists


I like this weeks challenge.  I'm going to start with one of the hardest parts about having a wish list in my opinion, and that's the fact that it's always fluid.  Games jump on at the top and then slowly creep down and sometimes drop off.  It makes me realize two things.

First - to stay on the Wishlist you have to be a game I'm obssesed with (which doesn't happen often).

Second - timing is key for a game to make it into my collection.  If it hits the wish list at just the right time (before Christmas or a Birthday) it's more likely to be bought than if it sits around for a while.

What about you, do you have a fluid wish list?

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Owner11 months ago

Your second point is very interesting and I wonder if something like that happens with mine too. As for your question mine's definitely on the fluid side. I think I make it a point to revisit the list every month or two and do some house cleaning. My most major one was about two months ago where I went in and thought "okay, let's be realistic" and removed all of the ones I know I won't get to within the next 1-2 years. And for some of them, I thought, "huh... what was I thinking?" haha

11 months ago

I think timing is definitely a thing for the games that aren't 'the game' I am looking for at any given time. Although a lot of my buying is quite opportunistic, second hand purchasing so it's more if it is a game on my list that happens to be going at a reasonable price.

Premium User11 months ago

Mine's somewhat fluid, as I will often move games up or down the list (still hoping for this functionaliry in BGA :D ), but usually ones that get near the top stay up near the top. I've had one up there for like a year now haha.

Supporter11 months ago

What's been stuck at the top?

Premium User11 months ago

#Baseball Highlights: 2045. I've gotten close to pulling the trigger a couple of times, I'm just not sure anyone would really care to play it with me :/

Supporter11 months ago

I think this reflects my response as well. 

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