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I haven't been on the site in a number of months ... there had been a recommendation engine built into the site, I believe, but I'm no longer able to find it. The link in an old email is dead. Was this feature axed?

FWIW, I like what I see, especially the Kickstarter page!

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Owner14 months ago

There was a developer who made a feature on their website that linked to Board Game Atlas to have a recommendation engine. This is it if you want to see it:

I do want to build one directly integrated with the site though.

14 months ago

Thank you! That site is really slick.

Owner14 months ago

Welcome back! There's been lots of changes haha

We ended up removing the recommendation engine because we were consistently seeing recommendations that didn't seem to make sense, where it would recommend something like ticket to ride on a wingspan page (just an example of how hard it was to connect the dots between the recommendations). We definitely want to get something in place in the future though.

In case you haven't gotten to it yet, some of the big changes you might have missed are:

Feed Page - A page where you can take a quick glance at what everyone's up to on BGA including comments, posts, and play logs. We're also planning to display user reviews on game pages and add in an ability to "like" a play logged by a user. You can filter this page based on users you follow as well.

Revamped Play Log and Display - Play log process has been smoothed out to remove some obvious issues and friction. There's an option to add an image from your game session as part of your play log, which will show in your "gallery" section of plays logged + gets automatically uploaded onto the game page. If you manage to set the community's high score on a game, that will be displayed on the game page too.

Revamped Game Page - The layout has been completely changed around to make better use of space + hopefully make it more intuitive in hierarchy of important info. Game rating displayed has been switched to a 100 point scale. You still only give ratings based on a five star scale, but that will be swapped in the near future. Game weight has also been split into two to "rules complexity" and "strategy complexity".

More ways to search for games - When using the search bar, instead of searching for games based on the title, you can type in a mechanic, category, designer, or publisher and click on the autocomplete (e.g. "Tableau Building (Mechanic)") to look at all games under that mechanic. When you're on the all games page, take a look at the filtering options on the left side and you'll find where you can specify a designer or publisher as well.

Topics - It's one of the older features but I'm not sure if you were around when this got added. It currently serves as a way for users to organize forum posts. You can create a "topic," such as "Solo Board Gaming" and all users will be able to link all related forum posts to that topic. We will be revisiting this feature to (1) make it easier to organize the topics pages and to allow an easy way to search for a topic based on keywords and (2) allow making a topic page private so that the creator can have more control over what type of content to curate.

It's not an exhaustive list, but I hope that helps you catch up!

Supporter14 months ago

I don t remember if it was built in to the site, but with your BGA username you can get recommendations here:

Owner14 months ago

I did integrate it in for a brief moment and then later removed it but yes that's likely the one they're likely remembering.

Premium User14 months ago

Oh that's cool

14 months ago

Getting a little BGA history lesson