10 Best Games By CMON – Which One Should You Pick?

CMON is without doubt the biggest Kickstarter board game publisher and it won’t change anytime soon. Most board game fans know their history at least a bit.

A group of passionate miniature painters have created a website where players could show off their painted minis. The thing got so big, that it ended up evolving into a board game publishing company focused on miniature-based games. These games were supposed to attract people, who played lots of wargames when they were younger, but had less free time nowadays. Initial projects on KS were huge successes – especially the neverending Zombicide series.

Over the years CMON has evolved a lot, and yet we still get excited each time they launch something new. Today we’ll show you our favourite titles made by this company (in no particular order). Some are classics, some are newer and some are coming as soon, as this year. If you’re new to CMON’s games or just want to try something new: enjoy!


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Supporter15 months ago

I need to have more CMON in my life. I had blood rage for a bit and now just own Ethnos. Fun game but I need those sweet sweet minis!

15 months ago

I have only played Blood Rage, and it still is one of the only games of theirs that I would play on a regular basis I think. 

Supporter15 months ago

My first play of Blood Rage felt a bit awkward and made it hard to get out again but I’d like to play more