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Greetings! I just found this place because I saw an alert in that it was being acquired by Board Game Atlas. Is there any kind of integration between both sites planned? It is really being able to import all my collection from bgg to BGA and set alerts for my wishlisted games, but right now the "Rest of the World" links in BGA pale in comparison with ones in

Ideally, what I would love is to be able to set alerts for all my wishlisted games whenever they are on sale in Canada. Is that something feasible?

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Owner18 months ago

Welcome to the forum! We are not planning to make big changes yet so an integration won't be happening for a while. Adding prices for Canada has been mentioned a few times in the past, and while it will definitely be in the works in the future, we are first focusing on streamlining the existing/upcoming features for U.S. prices and working out the kinks. Once that is done, we'll move onto adding international prices.

5 months ago

Thanks - this feature would be very useful if you could implement.

18 months ago

This is a feature I'd use.