What did you play this week? (6/13/2022)

(6/13/2022) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Moderator Level 111 days ago

Only game I got tabled last week was#My City. We finally finished the campaign!! Sarah took a majority of the games 14-10, but I managed to squeak out an overall victory 52-51. Without giving anything away in case whoever reading this may want to play the campaign through themselves, I'm chalking my win up to being able to change my priorities better from game to game. A lot changed from Chapter 5(I think?) on that dramatically altered the way I was trying to fill in my board. Sarah struggled a bit with the new rules. Not like there were a lot or it was overly complex, I just think she overthought a lot which proved to be her downfall. Really fun game though. We're passing it along to a friend of mine and his wife so they can play with the remaining 2 boards.

11 days ago

Small quantity but good quality:

#Jamaica @6p - First game played at my weekly Monday meetup. I managed to be the first one to the finish but my stash of coins had gotten raided shortly before. I finished in second place. Fun, simple and short game. Not my favorite racing game but it's enjoyable.

#It's a Wonderful World @5p - I taught this to the players who suck around. Only 1 other person had played it previously. It seemed to go well and one person at the table was completely enamored by it and said he needed to add it to his collection. I finished in second after failing to complete my last building by a single resource.

#Ticket To Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary @3p - Last game of the night but multiple people left. I got some very unfortunate long routes to choose from at the beginning of the game that were on completely opposite sides of the map. I did the best I could with the remaining short routes then picked up another short route towards the end. I still managed to get second even though the other players got very conveniently close long routes at the beginning. I like this game, but the randomness of the routes is always the biggest issue I have with it and this was the perfect example of how unfair they can be.

#7 Wonders (Second Edition) @7p - First game at my Friday game night. I taught it to 5 new players and one experience player. We had various hiccups with people understanding the rules (don't think it was ever my fault because they were usually questions regarding things I had already explained) which slowed down the game tremendously. I won by one point with a focus on military strength.

#Space Base @7p - Taught to everyone at the table except one experience player. This seemed to go a bit better but we had some real try-hards at the table that took a little too long to take their turns. The restaurant was closing early so we had to agree to end the game at 25 points instead of 40. I got second place but my engine had just been optimized for gaining a lot of points on rolls of 5 and 6 so I would have probably won if we had played the full game.

Premium User11 days ago

Not as many games this week but I got some good ones in!

Real Time:

  • #Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin: Picked it up from a friend who is moving away for a good price.  It's an ok solo game but not really my style.  I'll need to get my group to play it to see if it's a keeper or not.
  • #Expedition to Newdale x2: I have played #Oh My Goods! a couple of times and the person who owns it as well as expedition suggested we try it.  Oh My Goods! is a good game and the games are short.  Although it is a campaign it doesn't really change too much so there's not a ton of relearning to do between games.  I'm enjoying it!
  • #Imperium: Classics: First time playing this one.  It's a deck/tableau builder wiith some decent historical theme to it.  I had fun but the complaint of it being long for what it is holds true for me.  Definitely worth playing though.
  • #Summoner Wars: Master Set x2: Another one I picked up from my friend who is moving.  I know there is a second edition out but there are already a ton of decks in the game and at the rate we play I should enjoy this one for years to come. :)  And we did quite enjoy it.  Quick fast games with good strategy.  Managing your deck and the board space is a blast and the fact that the game leans heavily towards getting hits makes things fast and furious.  Several times we both went from having full boards and being in control to being down to our summoners.  I could see repeated plays really making the competition fierce.  Fun game!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game: Started a solo campaign against the red skull with Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch.  Cross bones wasn't too much of an issue.  Maybe it's time I went up to expert level?

Turn Based:

11 days ago

A pretty light week overall but got some fun gameplays in.

  • Did 2 player game of #Heaven & Ale with my BIL on Tuesday.  He missed the last group play and wanted another shot at it.  He ended up winning 37 to 35.  I continue to really enjoy this game and glad I finally got it added to my collection earlier this year.
  • Finished the night with my BIL with 2 games of #Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age - We split the two games with him winning by 9 in the first game and I won by 1 in the 2nd game.  I ended the 2nd game pretty quickly cause I had 15 disaster points otherwise the game would have been a blow out.
  • On Thur did a 3 player game of #Blood Rage w/ the #Blood Rage: Gods of Ásgard expansion.  My first play with the expansion and I liked what it added to the game.  The gods didn't used too often but they were important in the battles in which they part of.  I ended up winning this in a pretty close match.  One of the players tried to Loki strategy and it almost paid off for him.

Premium User11 days ago

I really enjoyed Heaven & Ale at two as well and I usually don't like playing euros 2 player.  I think because the game is so tight you are struggling against the game just as much regardless of the number of players.

11 days ago

Agree you end up playing the game as much as the other players.  I probably cost myself the win by making a couple of suggestions to my BIL during the game that ended up hurting me and my score a little bit (but things that had he had more experience with the game I feel he would have seen and thus made the same play).  I won't be so nice in the future to him ;)

Premium User11 days ago

I think it's being a good gamer friend to give hints if you have played and the other person hasn't.  Especially with a game like Heaven & Ale where you can get yourself stuck if you aren't careful with getting money.

11 days ago

He had played once before so this was his second play within a month or so.  The move was at the end of the game and he took a tile that didn't serve any value for him but kept me from completing a shed.  Had I been able to complete the shed I would have won as my brewer would have moved up to the next multiplier.  He had been considering taking the first player spot for the victory point. 

Premium User11 days ago

Ah well then you were just being extra nice. :)

Moderator Level 111 days ago

  • #Glen More II: Chronicles 1x @ 2p, 1x @ 3p - played this once with my wife (who beat me again), and once with some friends. It was their first time playing, but they both still managed to nearly double my score, haha. I'll have to step up my game!
  • #Tiny Towns 2x @ 4p - brought this to our friends' place, and they loved it so much that we sold it to them, haha. We still like the game, but never play it anymore if it's just the two of us, so we decided to just clear some shelf space. Win-win, because we can still play it when we go over there!
  • #Condottiere 1x @ 4p, 1x @ 3p - I picked this up on a whim for I think about $12 a couple months ago, and we finally played it. I wouldn't say it was a hit, nor a flop. I don't think anyone came away from it excited to play it again, so I'll probably try to sell this one. It's fun, and I love how simple the rules are, but I don't think it'll see table time above other games with similar rules overhead and play time.

Premium User11 days ago

It's a shame Condottiere didn't click with your group as it's a huge favourite for ours.  But it is highly group dependent.  We enjoy games with some good old messing up other players in it now and then.  

It's also a shame because I'd love a copy but I can't find it anywhere around here!!  :)

Moderator Level 111 days ago

Haha, I'd be willing to ship, but I think you're in Canada, if I remember correctly? That might make shipping more expensive than it's worth.

Premium User11 days ago

Yes I am.  Definitely would NOT be worth it for shipping. :)

Moderator Level 111 days ago

Haha, oh well.

Premium User11 days ago

No worries.  Thanks for checking. :)

Moderator Level 16 days ago

We played #Foundations of Rome for game night and wow, was it fun! Incredibly overproduced haha but super-simple rules yet there's a surprising amount of depth. Would definitely play again.

I also played #Dune: Imperium solo, and was quite impressed with the solo opponents. Streamlined and smooth. Absolutely love this game, so I'm glad it does well solo so I'll actually get to play it more haha

9 days ago

Three games played at the Tuesday session:
#Flash Point: Fire Rescue. The first time I'd played this, and it very much has a Pandemic feel, but fitted nicely to the theme. The character abilities do very much drive having clear roles, and whilst this worked brilliantly for us, the one focussed on putting out fires found themselves doing exactly the same turn twice in a row (we had a concentration of fires in the same place). In the end a convincing win, losing only 1 civilian and rescuing all the others (well beyond the 7 target). Enjoyable, though I'll choose #Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game for my pandemic style gaming.

#Coup Which I've not played for maybe 4+ years, so it took a little while to adjust / remember the roles. Good to play it, and I'll play it again I'm sure, but I prefer the simplicity / easy to teach #Cockroach Poker

We finished with #Codenames which had quite a few #Codenames: Deep Undercover cards mixed in. Not my favourite word game (that's #Just One by some distance), but the extra cards caused it to fall a little flat. There's a fine line between cheeky and puerile and for me that expansion risks going over the line.  

10 days ago

We're slowly building mondays night gaming back up. Tuesday is/was always the big night and it took us a while and some blatant cheerleading from me, but we had enough last night that we had to slplit off into two tables. We should get another boost soon as those who do game design / playtest each others stuff want to get going again and came up with the great idea to join the gamers on Mondays.

Anyways, we played two games

#Rajas of the Ganges in the basic vanilla form (I'd not played it in  a while, so didn't want to be messing around in the goodie box stuff). It went well, with me trailling in a distant last. Teaching the game is part of it, but I'm sure I ought to be closer to the winner / 2nd place

Then #SCOUT from Oink games, which at it's core is an abstract playing card game, but the rules are good / innovative and having a different number on top and bottom of the cards really makes it tick. Something of a breakout star at the UK games expo, and I can understand why,

Premium User10 days ago

Raja's is one game that I just don't seem to get.  I'm always quite a way behind everyone else.  So you are not alone!

9 days ago

After the teach I highlighted the importance of getting those 2 extra workers ASAP. Guess who was last to their 1st & 2nd extra workers? (LOL).