For US gamers the exchange rate works in your favor when shopping Canadian sites right now

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In many cases, even with shipping included, the converted cost is less than or close the original US cost at a US site. If price is your only or main consideration it might be a good idea to look at these sites when making an online purchase.

Example: Using Luxor, a game I just ordered, with shipping it came in at a converted price on on my statement of $41.47 USD [via Boardgame Bliss} vs the lowest available price (at the time I am writing this) of $40.99 USD without shipping from a US site {Cardhaus].

And, I found that many games that are listed as unavailable on US sites are in stock on the Canadian ones. Just make sure you aren't ordering a French language only version if you don't speak French!

The exchange rate does fluctuate (if I had bought on March 24th it would have been $40.91 USD) but right now the exchange rate is very favorable and you might even find a game that you are looking for that is not for sale from any US vendors. (I got Dale of Merchants, for example. I like deck building and cute animals.)

So far, shipping has been fast and I haven't been charged any import or customs charges. But Boardgame Bliss, for one, has a statement on their site that says,


  • We are committed to our US customer that the price you pay on our website is final and there will be no extra tax and custom cost.  If you did charged by custom, please take a picture of the document and we will pay you back


I wont list all the sites here but has them listed under the Non-US tab of any game until Board Game Atlas adds that info to their pages here. You might also find that some will not accept preorders to protect themselves from the unstable exchange rate situation right now.

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Owner14 months ago

Thanks for the heads up! And your choice of avatar is very appropriate for this :D

Supporter14 months ago

Thanks! This is good info

14 months ago

thanks for the tip!

Premium User14 months ago

Oh this is a good tip. I've never considered this, but I'm have to keep it in mind next time I want to get something.

Supporter14 months ago

Cool point. 

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