How to Improve Your Mini Painting Game Thanks to Kickstarter

Painting minis is one of the best aspects of war and board games. Making the figurines more personalized and adjusted to your taste results in an addictive feeling of satisfaction. Playing games with them later is even better.

There are some companies who can paint your minis for money but they’re all wildly expensive. The painted sets often multiply the original price of the game. And let’s not forget about Facebook scammers who offer their painting services, get your minis through mail and… disappear. Let’s be honest, if you have some free time and at least a little bit of curiosity – learning to paint minis is worth it!

Can crowdfunding websites help you? The sheer amount of accessories for hobby painters on Kickstarter is astonishing: from acrylic paints to brushes and special handles. Today we’ll take a look at our favourite campaigns. Maybe you’ll find something to help you start the hobby or improve your technique?

SCALECOLOR ARTIST Smooth Acrylic Paints

Highest funded campaign of all mini painting related projects. They guys from SCALE75 have already crowdfunded their paintable busts and minis, but doing so with one of their paint sets was a fresh idea.

Scalecolor Artist Smooth Acrylic Paints were offered in 48 different colors and various combinations of these. The colors are intensive, the texture has high consistency and they work with all materials that modern minis and models are made of.

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