Monique and Naveen of Before You Play Teams Up with Watch It Played!


Rodney Smith of Watch It Played posted this video sharing that Monique and Naveen will be joining his team!

In the video, Rodney shares about how his channel used to feature gameplay videos but the format wasn't sustainable. The main reasons include the amount of time it takes to produce the video and the difficulty of not having a readily available gaming partner.

And here's where Monique and Naveen comes into the scene. Before You Play is one of the fastest growing board game YouTube channel where they explain the rules, show how it plays, and ends with a review. By partnering up with Watch It Played, they'll be making playthrough videos for games that Rodney has already covered for a How To Play video.

What are your thoughts hearing this news? I've enjoyed every video I've watched of Monique and Naveen because they're able to explain the rules quickly in a way that's easy to understand. They're a natural in front of the camera and it's fun to see their interactions. I can only imagine this partnership bringing a lot of growth for their channel and possibility leading to them doing this full time in the future.

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Partner6 days ago

Congrat! Monique, Naveen, and Rodney. This is some power joint venture hapening. Exciting!

- Stef

Owner6 days ago

Hey there Stef! Great to see you in the forum. Just curious, but have you ever tried working with Monique and Naveen to highlight one of your games?

I'm excited to see where their partnership goes. Rodney has been really upping his game in expanding Watch It Played's brand and this partnership makes a lot of sense.

Partner6 days ago

Yes we have. They did an excellent review of Schotten Totten 2. Very pro.

Premium User6 days ago

Glad to see this combo - Monique and Naveen are my go-to players to watch.

Owner6 days ago

Since I mostly play solo or with my wife, I always appreciate playthrough videos by couples. I feel like it was only a few months ago when they were still at around 2K subscribers, so it's awesome to see their growth.

6 days ago

Superb idea!   Funny thing is that this is exactly how I have been learning and evaluating new board games recently: tuning into both Rodney's and Monique and Naveen's channels!.  I think both of your productions are among the finest available for boardgame enthusiasts and I truly wish all of you the best with your collaboration!

Owner6 days ago

It's amazing to see how quickly they've grown their channel and how vibrant their community is. I do enjoy the slow, reflective pace of Rahdo's runthroughs, but I do enjoy the quicker pace of Before You Play at times. Looking forward to seeing how their playthrough videos partnering up with Rodney! :)

6 days ago

Sounds fantastic!  I've watched a few of Rodney's videos to learn some new games last year.  I'm not familiar with Monique and Naveen's channel, but I'll check it out.  Wishing them all the best!

Owner6 days ago

I rarely watch Rodney's videos because I can't learn very well from a relatively quick paced how-to video, but I have found his coverage of lighter games very helpful. Either way, I'm excited to see where this goes!

Premium User7 days ago

I love it! All of these people seem really great! My sentiments echo yours. I wish both Watch It Played and Before You Play the best!

3 days ago

Great idea! Can't wait. 

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