Raiders Solo Variant App


Looks like Garphill Games is working on an App to run Solo mode for Raiders of the North Sea!

I really hope it comes out soon.

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Supporter16 months ago

That’s cool! Good job. 

Supporter16 months ago

That is great news, and great timing if they are fast enough.

Owner16 months ago

Oh? First, I didn't realize the app version doesn't have a solo mode. Second, it makes me interested in getting it!

Supporter16 months ago

Yeah, I mean you can play against the AI in the App but it doesn't function like the Automa from the Solo mode.  And I'm excited because I'll be able to play it more like a board game and less like a video game.

Also, I tried to jump into a Raiders game on Tabletopia last night (pro-tip, if you don't have a premium membership but someone else with a premium membership starts a game you can still join).  But the person running the game had never played on Tabletopia before and couldn't really figure it out so I didn't end up actually being able to play it.

Premium User16 months ago

That's awesome! Is the solo mode in Raiders tough or fiddly to run?

Supporter16 months ago

I have no idea because it's basically impossible to find.  Once they release it and I use I'll definitely make a report.

Premium User16 months ago

Oh there's not an official solo variant yet at all. Well even better that they're coming out with an app for it then!

Supporter16 months ago

If I remember correctly.... They did have a very limited solo AI deck that is currently unavailable. 

16 months ago

There is a solo variant but you can only buy it from Garphill from New Zealand. So price is high. This is a more sensible option.

Supporter16 months ago

I was just coming here to say that.  Thanks.

Premium User16 months ago

Oh wow...yeah this is better lol

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