The last TV show you binged is becoming a board game? What is the theme and core mechanic?

I will start - Clickbait: The Board Game (It was a limited series on Netflix which I say has worthwhile enough twists and turns to justify the time it takes to watch it).

A murder has taken place and someone in the group of characters is behind it. Players are all watching this from afar and gathering information separately to try to solve the mystery first. It is a deduction game that is kind of like #Mysterium but there are also motivation cards that play how you get information.

I realize in the series, who is behind it doesn't change, but this just takes the same kind of idea and meshes generic individuals with kind of the dangers of the internet. Obviously, this is a bit of a mess of a pitch, but I think there could be something there.

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Premium User30 days ago

Well I wouldn't say I'm binging it, but we've been going through Ted Lasso recently. There's already an upcoming game about managing a soccer/football team: #Eleven: Football Manager Board Game. Another idea that might fit more with the spirit of the show is that you have to manage a team for a sport you know nothing about - so maybe the "sport" for each play is somewhat randomly generated and you have to figure out on the fly how best to win the league?

Another show that we're probably closer to actually binging is Modern Family. A game for that one seems a little's not a great setting for a competitive game, so maybe it's cooperative. I guess it could be about helping family members achieve their daily tasks and also working toward larger life goals?

30 days ago

Nice prompt. I just watched "THE OTHER TWO" a Comedy Central / HBO max show about the other two siblings in a family where the youngest kid becomes a Justin Bieber like celebrity while they are trying to make it in Hollywood with little success. It is pretty funny.

I think it would make for a good dice worker placement / king of the hill game where you have lots of different things to help the two siblings. When you align to one of the two, getting them further along gets you more points so there are also spots that help the more famous members of the family and might hurt one of "the other two" that you are not aligned to. The dice trigger fun Hollywood like events.

30 days ago

I watch very little TV so the last series I binged was Game of Thrones and there are already a number of boardgames in that universe ;) Including 2 I happen to "own" though to be fair I've bought neither of them but had them "left" at my house for storage.

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I hardly watch any tv, but the last thing I watched through was Loki.  So time management and deception?

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Star Wars Visions? Probable a collectable card game.

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The last one I binged was Invincible.

Hmmm, the easy go to is a deck building/construction game like #Sentinels of the Multiverse, #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, #DC Comics Deck-Building Game, or, my favourite, #Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

And after some thought that does seem like the best bet based on season 1 of the show. :)