On Mars Giveaway....whhhaat!

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I am not sure this is a game I could bring myself to buy.  Not because I don't want to play it...because I do...very much.  Not because I couldn't get someone else to play...because I think I could.  What it really comes down to is game+# of potential plays+cost and in this case, the cost is simply outside my realm compared with the other two.

I love the Vitale Lacerda game style and #The Gallerist is a fantastic game that I really enjoy.  I wonder to some degree if #On Mars will not be simpler to play than it appears at first glance.  I even enjoy the Mars theme and I think that alone would get it to the table more often than The Gallerist.

The complexity though is going to put it into the 'play once in a while' category and from watching playthroughs I feel this is tougher than #Anachrony or The Gallerist.  If the solo play is very good I can see playing this one more in that vein than with others.  I think The Gallerist will go this route down the road sadly (though I like it more with others).  

The $100+ price tag is the main reason this one would not make my purchase list.  The Gallerist was a gift, #Rococo: Deluxe Edition is simple enough to get to the table with my daughter 4-5 times a year + solo play several more times.  Gloomhaven gets played a ton in various venues.  Scythe gets 10+ game nights a year.  Those are most of my expensive games off the top of my head...

That being said, I will shamelessly enter this giveaway and this is one of the few giveaways I feel ok tweeting about or posting on Facebook to invite other to enter (realizing this limits my odds more of course).  Most of the time I'm so-so on using social media for more than connecting with others.

Did you know about this giveaway before this post?

Are there games you'd love to have but would never buy for yourself for various reasons?

How do you compare On Mars with other Lacerda games?

Who wants to arm-wrestle for this game? (NM, I would lose with my skinny arms)

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Premium User6 days ago

I did actually know about this giveaway before your post and before the newsletter, mainly because I pay attention to the videos from 3MBG and I know they're doing giveaways for all of the gmaes they cover in the videos.

As for a game that I would love to have but wouldn't buy myself - I think it's gotta be #Star Wars: Rebellion. I would love to play that game, but the price tag is prohibitive, given that I would so rarely (if ever) get to play it.

Premium User6 days ago

That is one on my distant wish list as well. #A Feast for Odin , #Gaia Project , #Edge of Darkness , #Nemo's War (Second Edition) all fall into this category to one degree or another.

Premium User6 days ago

Yeah, those expensive games have to have a guaranteed path to playtime for me to want to pick them up. The fact that Rebellion is a 2-player only game makes that harder, since it's one that my wife probably wouldn't play, haha.

Premium User6 days ago

Same here. I think the other piece I consider is "What game do I NOT play to play this one?". Firefly the Game doesn't hit the table often but I love playing. Rebellion could be taking its roughly once a year spot. It's tough to pony $100+ for a once a year game taking up a spot of a game I love to play.  Still, I'd take a free copy...lol


Premium User6 days ago

Yep, that's a good way to think about it as well.

Premium User6 days ago

I saw this giveaway mentioned in the BGA newsletter. Definitely not something I would ever buy for myself because I'd never get to play it. But a giveaway..I can do that ;P

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