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Auto Logging Plays Question


Hi, I'm curious, is there a way for me to have my plays logged onto BGA automatically? Currently I use the BG Stats app to log my plays and whenever I log it on the app it automatically uploads my play and all my comments that I put with the play onto BGG. Just curious if there's anything similar that I can use for BGA.


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Owner2 months ago

has reached out to the owner of BG Stats before to integrate BGA into it. He didn't seem too interested though. So it'll probably take either our community having more traction or enough current users putting in requests.

2 months ago

Ah gotcha, I can ping the owner to possibly put it on their radar. You know you guys could put it in the email news letter with directions on how to show interest to the owner, haha would probably be overwhelming for the owner but that may be the interest necessary : ) Not sure if that's the proper way to use a news letter though now that i'm thinking (typing) out loud.

Premium User2 months ago

Better grow the community quicker Phil! 

Premium User2 months ago

That's actually a really good question! I've never known there was a way to do that for BGG. I'm equally unaware of there being anything like that on here but I'm sure it's not outside of the realm of possibility for an addition they could make.

2 months ago

Thanks : ) I only log plays on BGG because the app makes it so easy. It's a thrid party app called Board Game Stats that allows you to link your BGG account, so anything I enter in the app gets transfered over: my comments, player roles, play time, etc. 

I was curious and looked on the phone app store and noticed there were a couple BGA apps, so perhaps this will be built in one day : )

Premium User2 months ago

Huh I wonder if that's what this guy in our meetup group was using. I was surprised to see him logging plays at all but scores too at the same seemed insane haha. Of course now I started logging with scores too. I should check out this app. Thanks!

2 months ago

Haha yeah, it's a pretty clean and easy to use app. I think it's a few dollars but definitely worth it. I'm able to see all sorts of graphs, win ratios, etc. It's really neat : )

Premium User2 months ago

I will say I do appreciate the charts I get from logging my games here!