2020 Charity Auction for Extra Life: Call for Sponsors, Donations, et al.

I hope this is allowed here, but it's board game related, so I'm going for it haha Every November, George Jaros (of GJJ Games) hosts a 24-hour gaming marathon and charity auction to help support Children's Miracle Network hospitals. He's asked some of us to help spread the word, so *poof!* here I am. Here's an image with more info, followed by some more text by yours truly. (Link to GJJ page: https://gjjgames.blogspot.com/p/extra-life.html)

I'm a big fan of these hospitals for what they do for kids in general, but also because they've been immensly helpful with my brother-in-law. He is 15-years-old and has down syndrome, autism, sleep apnea, and some other crazy health issues (and yet, he's always happy!). The nearest one to us is an hour away, and it's fantastic what they can do for him, especially considering all of his conditions that make it more difficult.

Now, we all understand if donations are not an option for you at this point in time. Heck, I'm don't think I'll be able to even donate (finances are tight these days). But, I did want to share this just in case, as well as to make you aware that it's a thing. George said this is shaping up to be the biggest charity auction he's done yet, which is awesome. 

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on for those interested. If anyone is interested in helping out in any way, I can get you in touch with him, or you might be able to contact him through his website: http://gjjgames.blogspot.com/

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10 months ago

Looks like a pretty great cause, thanks for bringing it to people's attention!

10 months ago

My pleasure!

10 months ago

Will you be participating?

10 months ago

I won't be. I don't live close enough and my finances are pretty tight at the moment. But I can help spread the word, so that's what I'm doing. :) 

10 months ago

Makes sense, everyone just doing what they can is what's important

Owner10 months ago

I completely missed this post. Thanks for sharing Ben! Will see if there's something we might be able to do.

10 months ago

You bet! I thought it was a neat thing he's doing.