How you ever seen yourself as a fanboy/girl for a designer or publisher?

I've recently discovered that the games I'm drawn to the most are from two publishers. Stonemaier and Garphill. There's so many games out there, but right now I'm in the mode of collecting games only from these publishers and everything else is just in the background.

It seems wierd as I was never like this with video games, but now if it's a game from SM or Garphill it's immediately on my radar. I'm not too gaga as there's games like Euphoria, Between Two Cities and Bethel Woods that I'm not interested in, but those are exceptions.

Have you ever found yourself fanboy\girling out about a publisher or designer?

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25 months ago

i guess im a fan of Ryan Laukart but i think thats only because as a designer id like to make games like him. i find myself more easily made a fanboy of video game companies

Owner25 months ago

I'm the same way about SM. I've been looking at Plan B games too since I enjoy Century: Spice RoadAzul, and Reef. They all allow me to enjoy good strategy decision making while still being easy to bring to the table with newer gamers.

25 months ago

That last part is so key.

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